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Buick/GMC's new models put safety first

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WESTON DEALERSHIPS - Dan SchofieldIf you're looking for a new car, you're probably thinking about safety – especially after our recent "Snowpocalypse."

In the last five years, Buick/GMC has been laser-focused on research and development to improve safety, including driving on slippery surfaces.

The new Buick/GMC cars have StabiliTrak, a stability control system with proactive roll avoidance and traction control, including electronic sway control. When you brake quickly for an animal or person in the road, many cars experience a lot of body roll. StabiliTrak smoothly stabilizes the car in such situations so it doesn't roll. StabiliTrak also features hill-start assist.

Another new feature for 2017 is Teen Driver Mode. Certain Buicks and GMC's have this configurable feature, which activates customizable vehicle settings associated with the key fob. Parents can set such things as speed limits (if your teen goes too fast, a beep inside the car will warn them to slow down) or limit the volume of the sound system.

Our OnStar option just keeps getting better. Most Buick/GMC's have OnStar capability and the service is offered free for three months.

Locked your keys in the car? Call OnStar and it will let you in. If your car is stolen, OnStar has GPS tracking to locate it. Automotive crash response is literally a life-saver. If you are in a crash and the airbag deploys, OnStar will call you inside the car. If you don't respond, it will call emergency to come to your aid.

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