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Keep your home on schedule with this February checklist

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MCCORD CONSTRUCTION - Donivon McCordEveryone knows that home maintenance is important to retaining your home's value and safety, but that doesn't mean everyone likes to do it! Your car has a maintenance schedule for things like oil changes, so shouldn't your home? Give yourself peace of mind this February by following McCord Construction's February checklist:

Replace your furnace's air filter—Doing so will extend your furnace's life and help you save on your utilities.

Look for ice dams—Caused by poor ventilation and insulation in your home, these can lead to huge problems with your drywall, so clean and/or replace your gutters and downspouts now if necessary.

Clean/Repaint/Replace your kitchen cabinets—Now's a great time to clean and degrease your cabinets, touch up the finish, or even replace your damaged/out-of-date cabinets.

Check caulking and other seals/sealants—Pay particular attention to your window caulking and refrigerator and freezer gaskets; weak seals here will cost you heavily on your utilities.

Update your home's interior—With all the time you'll be spending indoors this winter, spruce up your interior walls and trim with a fresh layer of paint, or boldly experiment with a new color. Have a new sink installed, or update your bathroom with your dream shower. Be as imaginative as you want!

For help with any of your home remodel needs, call McCord Construction today. We've got the experience you need to get the job done right.

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