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April 09, 2014

Letters to the editor

by no byline
Significant changes are needed at Pacific University I do not hate Pacific University in any way; I traveled very far to attend Pacific, and at first it was worth my while. Lately, though, the…
April 09, 2014

Commentary sought to paint group as extremist

by Robert Bailey
After some consideration, I would appreciate the News-Times making a “correction” for a factual error (“Agri-tourism will help keep farms in family,” News-Times, March 19 issue). At no place in…
April 09, 2014

An election campaign is all about trust

by Russ Dondero
The recent Washington County Commissioners’ debate at the Hillsboro Main Library featured Andy Duyck and Allen Amabisca running for the chairman position and Bob Terry and Elizabeth Furse…
April 09, 2014

Celebrating a wealth of local libraries

by Editorial Team
As with our schools, libraries symbolically and literally represent an investment in education and learning. Libraries are an expression of our commitment as a society to foster an environment…
April 02, 2014

Legislative session had successes as well as shortcomings

by Bruce Starr
The Oregon Legislature has completed its short session, wrapping up the 35-day confab of Oregon’s senators and representatives that occurs on the even-numbered years. These short, even-year…
April 02, 2014

Dr. Kitzhaber must heal Cover Oregon

by Editorial Board
Heads have been rolling at the state capital since Gov. John Kitzhaber released an independent assessment of Cover Oregon. If the Cover Oregon board agrees with Kitzhaber’s request to fire the…
April 02, 2014

Letters to the editor

by no byline
Legislature gives Cornelius a wonderful gift Congratulations Cornelius and western Washington County! Thanks to state Rep. Ben Unger, state Sen. Bruce Starr and the rest of our supporters from…
March 26, 2014

At 25, Web continues to amaze

by Rich Bader
Twenty-five years! Wait, what? It’s been 25 years since the advent of the World Wide Web, when dub-dub-dub and URLs entered our vocabulary. Without hyperbole, it is astounding how much impact…
March 26, 2014

Save Helvetia working to reduce land use conflicts

by Lyn Jacobs
The Save Helvetia organization is primarily interested in protecting farmland north of Highway 26 and, as a small farm operator in this area, I support its efforts. A robust agri-tourism program…
March 26, 2014

TriMet steers toward a better future

by The Editorial Board
“If you wait long enough, you actually get some good news in the job.” Those words from TriMet General Manager Neil MacFarlane reflect a growing optimism about the transit agency’s future as it…

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Mar 19, 2014

Land use planning protects Oregon's citizens

by Jason Miner
Go to the intersection of Helvetia Road and West Union Road, north of Highway 26 in Washington County. Look around you. Everything you see, and thousands of acres more all around our region, is…
Mar 19, 2014

Agri-tourism will help keep farms in family

by Bob Horning
Recently, the Washington County Board of Commissioners released the agri-tourism issue paper, a study on whether or not to allow agri-tourism on farmlands, which they support. As an owner of an…
Mar 19, 2014

Transportation networks face wrecking ball

by (none)
Over the past few days, we’ve seen a “perfect storm” of decisions related to transportation. Three major developments — one national, one regional and one local — are likely to have a chilling…
Mar 12, 2014

Campaign season is upon us

by Editorial Board
It’s election time, and that means it’s time to partner up. The partisan lines have now been drawn, and most of the legislators representing our region of the state will have opponents in the…
Mar 12, 2014

Ordinary acts yield extraordinary results

by Kristy Haines
I am a firm believer that the simplest of things create some of the most beautiful results. After our adventure Feb. 23, I am convinced the middle school and high school youth of Forest Grove…
Mar 12, 2014

Letter to the editor

by no
Pet owners need to be more responsible I am proud to live in a community that has leash and scoop laws, and most people obey them. Occasionally, however, I see dog poop, in various stages of…
Mar 05, 2014

Agri-tourism would be good for the county

by Hillsboro Tribune
The Washington County Board of Commissioners is in the midst of determining whether to allow agri-tourism opportunities to be expanded in the county, and if so, to what extent. In general, and…
Mar 05, 2014

The State of the Grove

by Pete Truax
Mayor Truax urges a more sustainable, equitable, open community Editor's note: Last week, Forest Grove Mayor Pete Truax gave his annual State of the City address at the Forest Grove/Cornelius…
Mar 05, 2014

1000 Friends of Oregon have lost all credibility

by Jim Crawford
It is astonishing that 1000 Friends of Oregon are so disingenuous as to argue that the Helvetia area should be ejected from the “urban reserve” designation because it is prime farmland and the…
Mar 05, 2014

Metros approach to reporting makes sense

by John Schrag
Last week, former Hillsboro Mayor Tom Hughes reluctantly threw his support behind a major land use bill in Salem. It was a nifty pivot for Hughes and others who a week earlier criticized the…

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