Holiday celebrations are a community effort

On behalf of the Forest Grove/Cornelius Chamber of Commerce, I would like to extend the chamber’s gratitude to the following community members and city departments for their help in the annual tree lighting ceremony and putting out the community holiday decorations.

To John Schallberger of the Senior Center, Christy Santangelo-Verant and E.J. Baeza of the Forest Grove City Club, Mary Jo Morelli of Sojourn Forest Grove, David Hunter of David Hunter Certified Arborist and Laurie McCully of Dogilicious, your guidance and support of these events was much appreciated.

To the Forest Grove Light & Power Department, your crews were so valuable on Monday Nov. 25, with the placement of the community holiday decorations. To Larry Verboort, it was good to see you and thank you for your help Nov. 25.

To Forest Grove Fire & Rescue, your assistance in the placement of the ornaments in the chamber tree was impactful. To see the faces of the community members present at the tree lighting was reward enough. You spent five hours at the chamber Saturday, Nov. 16, and three hours here Thursday, Nov. 21. Thank you again for your efforts.

To Kendall Hall, thank you for all your hard work with these events: your work on the community wreaths, your work with the community holiday decorations and your support with the chamber tree.

And finally, to Lyle Spiesschaert, your efforts to our community cannot be measured; your support of any community event goes without saying. I learned so much from you through these events. Thank you for all you do for our community, and especially your efforts with me.

Howard Sullivan

Executive Director

Forest Grove/Cornelius Chamber of Commerce

Forest Grove needs new store, restaurant

Wow, we should all be thrilled with all the new business that is coming to Forest Grove. But what about a new grocery store on the west end of town, so we don’t have to drive to the other side of town or, like a lot of people, to Cornelius to get groceries.

Also, another family restaurant would be nice. Prime Time is great, but it would be nice sometimes to go to a restaurant that didn’t have a sporting event on and the patrons weren’t screaming at the TV.

The city needs to be thinking about where all the new residents are going to shop and eat out and consider the idea of trying to get another grocery store and restaurant in the area.

Just a thought.

Laurene Brown

Forest Grove

Library appreciates community’s support

The community turned out the night of Oct. 19 to celebrate old friends and the city library, and a good time was had by all.

At a concert held at Taylor-Meade Auditorium at Pacific University, Lauren Sheehan and Mona Warner entertained with their individual and collaborative musical presentations, with audience members dancing in their seats. Additionally, artist Ed Carpenter (glass), along with local artists Greg Kriebel (wood) and Eric Canon (metal) arrived with a mockup and drawings of “Mollie’s Garden,” a public art project they are designing for the library.

The concert was a fundraising event hosted by the Forest Grove Library Foundation. Proceeds from concert ticket sales, and sales of music CDs and books from Lauren, Mona and Ed, added another $4,200 to the Library Foundation’s goal to fund installation of the art project at the library.

The Forest Grove Library Foundation would like to thank Pacific University President Dr. Lesley Hallick for donating use of the auditorium; Lauren Sheehan and Mona Warner for donating their time and talents; Ed Carpenter, Eric Canon and Greg Kriebel for initiating the project; and many more people who helped with the concert.

Mostly, we’d like to thank community members for coming out that October night to support the library, again proving that Grovers deeply care about their community.

Linda D. Saari

Vice President

Forest Grove Library Foundation

Show Guard families how much they are appreciated

Gift cards donated to our Oregon National Guard families are so appreciated during the holiday season. Families of deployed soldiers often experience financial difficulties, especially during this expensive time of year.

The gift cards are distributed under the direction of Col. Dave Ferre of the Oregon National Guard. The cards offer some financial relief and demonstrate our appreciation to our soldiers and their families.

Citizens of our state can help these families by sending gift cards in any amount to our Oregon National Guard. Gift cards for grocery stores, toys, clothing or fuel are appreciated. It’s a great way to let our soldiers and their families know we appreciate them.

Send gift cards to: Col. Dave Ferre, Oregon National Guard, P.O. Box 14350, Salem, OR 97309.

Becky Cartier

Lake Oswego

Candidate promises to hold Metro accountable

My name is Jeremiah Johnson, and I am a candidate for Metro president.

Part of my candidacy platform is to once and for all rein in TriMet. Metro has suddenly had a handful of press releases declaring how to make TriMet a better agency. The two biggest ones are plans to finally improve west side service and to form a volunteer citizen oversight committee of appointed applicants. They have been asked and have said they have had plans to improve west side service for 30 years, and other than the blue line MAX to Hillsboro, little has actually been done.

We know from the failure of past citizen oversight committees that they simply do not work. They do studies and give input, but have no power and are often ignored outright, while still being a talking point for those in power to make you feel like you have a voice when you do not.

I still propose a complete overhaul of TriMet. The corruption is still there and there is no guarantee that any oversight committee will make any improvements. Don’t fall for empty promises and sleight of hand. Whether you vote for me in May or not, remember to hold Metro accountable for actually improving TriMet as an agency. They have their own legal code, their own police, and they are supported by taxes, yet they are a private corporation with no elected representation.

The most dangerous point is, the committee will be appointed by Metro itself, meaning they will cherry-pick those who will make the fewest waves and agree with the council and tell everyone they are doing a good job.

Jeremiah Johnson


Contract Publishing

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