Beginning in January 2014, Oregon DMV will waive the drive test for provisional driver licenses if the applicant completes a state-approved driver education program.

Students who pass the driving test in the driver education program will receive a plastic card certifying their successful completion. When they bring that card to DMV and meet all the other requirements for driving privileges, they won't be required to take the DMV drive test.

"The driving test our young drivers take through our approved driver education courses meets or exceeds the DMV test content," said Troy E. Costales, Safety Division administrator for the Oregon Department of Transportation. "We want to reward those who take approved driver education programs, because studies consistently show those drivers are safer, receive fewer tickets and experience fewer suspensions."

Oregon's driver education program and graduated license program have combined to significantly reduce crashes, fatalities and injuries involving young drivers. Over the past decade in the state, the number of 16-year-old drivers involved in fatal and injury crashes has been reduced by almost 57 percent. The number of 17-year-old drivers involved in fatal and injury crashes are down 46 percent.

A Provisional Driver License is Oregon's standard passenger car driving privilege for drivers younger than 18 years. Provisional drivers have additional restrictions on their driving that phase out completely when the driver turns 18.

"If we can get more teens and parents to understand the value of formal driver education, and get the young drivers into these classes, we will continue to save lives and reduce crashes and injuries involving young drivers," Costales said.

Note: there may be a period of transition where some approved providers haven't brought their driver tests into compliance with the DMV requirements that authorize the drive test waiver. The DMV recommends checking with your approved driver education provider to see if it can provide the card.

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