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Fitness Tips for Men

Brought to You by Nate Boyd, Owner of The Gym, Fitness Expert

Nate Boyd, Owner of The Gym, Fitness Expert

Last month we talked about fitness tips for women, this month it is the men's turn. Read on to punch up your workout.

1. When you need new wiring, you call an electrician. When you need a new timing belt, you see a mechanic. If you're sick, you see a doctor. To make your workout better, you see a trainer. A trainer can help with correct methodology, the right stretches and effective routines. At The Gym, we have great trainers who can help you meet your workout goals.

2. Get out of that exercise rut! If all you do is cardio, then you're missing out on muscle growth. Weight-training can help improve your cardio, but not as much as a good run. And stretching can improve you flexibility. See #1 for the best stretches.

3. On the same note, make your workouts less like work and more like play, and you'll be more likely to stick to your fitness plan.

4. Feeling 'the burn' is normal and acceptable, so is heavy breathing during a run. Throbbing joints, or sudden, sharp pains are a warning to stop. If you don't recover in 4 days, you are doing something wrong. Once again, see #1.

5. Get some rest. Your body needs time to repair itself after your workout and everyday life. 8 hours of sleep is the goal.

Okay, guys, no excuse now. The Gym wants to help you attain your fitness goals and we are available 24/7.

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