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Just Why Do I Need a Realtor?

Brought to you by Chris and Victoria Garfield of John L. Scott Market Center Real Estate, Real Estate Experts

Chris and Victoria Garfield

Can't I just learn what I need to know from Utube? What does a realtor do, anyway? The list below answers those questions.

Paperwork: A realtor helps with all disclosures and paperwork necessary in today's heavily regulated environment. They make sure that lender, title company, inspector, seller and buyer are all the same page, so you just walk in, sign and get the keys.

Experience and education: They are well educated in and experienced with the entire sales process. Realtors must take classes and pass a state test. Brokers like Chris Garfield have even more education. Chris and Victoria have experience in western Washington County and with the process.

Negotiations: They act as a buffer in negotiations with all parties throughout the entire transaction. You want someone who has your back and will get you the very best deal.

Pricing: They help you understand today's real estate values when setting the price of a listing or an offer to purchase. As local as you can get, the John L. Scott Market Center in Downtown Forest Grove has the knowledge and experience to help you with prices and pricing.

Understanding of current market conditions: They simplify and effectively explain today's real estate headlines and decipher what they mean to you. Chris and Victoria have their fingers on the pulse of local prices, inventory and trends.

Call or stop in to the John L. Scott Market Center in Forest Grove and let Chris and Victoria Garfield help you find your dream home.

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