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Hall: County election integrit 'paramount'


Clackamas County Clerk Sherry Hall says it’s been a privilege to serve for the past decade.

Since taking office, Hall has implemented technologies to make her office services more efficient, merging the elections and recording departments to make a one-stop shop for marriage licenses, passports and elections.

In response to recent criticisms, she argued that the integrity of the 2012, general election was never in question after the system did what it was supposed to do in catching a violation.

The temporary elections employee filling in blank ballots for Republicans was caught immediately, and Hall cooperated with the subsequent investigations by the Oregon secretary of state and the Oregon Department of Justice.

“Election integrity in Clackamas County is paramount to me, my staff and Clackamas County,” she said. “As a direct result of the ballot-tampering incident, last fall I created a nonpartisan committee to investigate ways to further enhance election integrity in Clackamas County.”

Committee work resulted in several immediate changes, including allowing only unique color pens at the processing tables, and moving processing tables where ballot envelopes are opened and ballots are inspected to a perpendicular position, rather than a parallel position, allowing observers to more easily see the entire process.

She said she plans to spend less than $3,500 on her campaign.