Board will offer $115,000-$127,500 to next district superintendent

After much debate the Estacada School Board decided on a salary range for a new superintendent and the members of a screening committee for potential candidates.

These things were decided during a special board meeting Tuesday, Feb. 4.

The board settled on a salary range of $115,000-$127,500, though the range probably will not be published in materials advertising the position.

At $127,500, the salary would closely match what Howard Fetz earned as superintendent before his retirement.

The consultants of Windows to Leadership, who are assisting the board with the superintendent search, will probably state the range on request.

After much debate among the board members about how large the screening committee should be, they decided it should consist of four licensed district staff members, four classified district staff members, five community members (consisting of three parents, an arts and a business representative), two principals and two central office employees.

Many people had volunteered to be a part of the committee.

After the board decided on how many people should represent each focus group, the names of the screening committee members were drawn from a hat.

School Board Chairman Rick Mudrow emphasized the board will make the final decision on the superintendent candidate. However, the screening committee’s findings will be taken into consideration.

The committee members will review applications and some will be present in a gallery during interviews.

Windows to Leadership posted a survey to gather data on the qualities the Estacada community would like in a superintendent on the district’s website in January.

There were 230 responses.

Data from the survey also will factor into the board’s decision for the successful superintendent candidate.

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