Due to a faulty map, a public works project for better water pressure on Ginseng and Westview Lane cost nearly $26,000 more than anticipated.

“This was one of those projects that everything that could go wrong did, sometimes two or three times,” City Manager Bill Elliott told the City Council at its meeting Monday, Sept. 9.

Public Works Director Tom Seal said he had budgeted $50,000 for the project, but the bid came in at about $48,000, which didn’t leave much of a margin for error.

So it was unfortunate that the map, drawn up by public works personnel in the 1970s, turned out to be inaccurate. The water mains weren’t where the map indicated.

The map error necessitated a lot more work. The extra $26,000 was used for wages to compensate the workers for the extra time. The final price of the project came to $73,994.79.

At least the water pressure has been significantly improved.

“And the pressure — it affected a lot more than it was supposed to,” Councilor Sean Drinkwine said, indicating that water pressure was improved in a larger area than had been expected.

Councilor Curt Steininger said water pressure had been improved at his home on Caden Court. The council approved the increased cost of the project.

Chamber in financial trouble

Councilor Rob Gaskill informed the council that the Chamber of Commerce has been forced to cut back on hours for staff at the visitors center due to financial difficulties.

Gaskill hinted that he would like the city to help the Chamber financially, as “they do so much for the city.”

“That’s good information. I didn’t know they were struggling like that,” Mayor Brent Dodrill said.

A Safeway in Estacada?

Steininger told the council he’s been in contact with a Safeway real estate manager.

He has provided that manager with demographic and other information to explore the possibility of bringing a Safeway to Estacada. Steininger said he should “hear back” in October.

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