I am intrigued by the idea put forward by Janine Offutt’s letter to the editor (July 24) that the state could use monies approved by Oregon Legislature for Willamette Falls’ revitalization project to actually purchase the Blue Heron property. The Willamette Falls could indeed be the “crowning jewel” of the state park system.

With careful stewardship, this project — with focus on habitat restoration, and an historical cultural center — could create an extraordinary destination point for visitors from throughout the nation. It would be my dream to recognize the falls for what they are: not only a magnificent visual wonder but also, the largest waterfall, by volume, in the Pacific Northwest. They have been sacred grounds to Native Americans and were a vital resource for early settlers.

Most importantly, creation of parklands and habitat restoration needs to trump creation of commercial space out of the Blue Heron property. This, most emphatically, does not mean that commercial venture needs to be eliminated.

Proper planning would instead create an ambiance wherein small businesses would thrive. It is a one-and-only place with manifold problems and tremendous opportunities.

Let’s create a site worthy of this superb setting: Restore it, and they will come!

Cristina Case

Oregon City

Thank you, lawmakers

I’d like to thank our communities for their continued support during this past legislative session. The result of our collective efforts was an increase in the Community College Support Fund for the first time in five years. While funding still remains at 2005 levels, the tide has at least turned. In addition, we have secured $16 million in matching funds for two capital construction projects supporting job creation and learning innovation for our district.

The community responded to our call for support in a variety of ways, by writing letters and making phone calls to our legislators or testifying before key committees. Our students played an important role as well, taking time out of their demanding schedules to travel to Salem and meet personally with our legislators. Each voice made a difference in telling the community college story.

Clackamas Community College legislators delivered on their promise to our district for education and job development support. I want to personally thank the members of CCC’s legislative delegation, along with the entire Legislature for demonstrating their belief in community colleges. Our legislators understand the critical role community colleges play in meeting job training and educational goals in our district.

The results of the modest increase in operational funding helps CCC as we expand student access and completion by delivering the first two years of a four-year degree and technical education leading to family-wage jobs. The capital matching funds dedicate $8 million toward facility improvements at the Harmony Community Campus and $8 million for advanced industrial education at the Oregon City Campus.

Thank you again for your support.

President Joanne Truesdell

Clackamas Community College

Canine walk a success

For walking your dog, you couldn’t have had a nicer morning as all the folks turned out at the Milwaukie 9-K for K-9 Walk held July 27.

There were big dogs and tiny dogs, thoroughly grown-up people and little people who all turned out to make the event a smashing success — the best K-9 Walk event held to date to support Milwaukie’s Police K-9 Unit.

The only disappointment of the entire day was that none of the current Milwaukie City Council felt that such a huge community-based event warranted them showing up, except Councilor Dave Hedges, and no city staff were apparent that weren’t directly affiliated with the Police Department.

One would think that since this highly supported community event was scheduled several months in advance, some would at least put in an appearance, but perhaps the lack of budgetary support for the PD is really the telling tale. Or perhaps not having the event in downtown Milwaukie didn’t appeal to those folks?

In any case, many thanks to the Milwaukie Public Safety Foundation volunteers, and the selected volunteers from the Milwaukie Public Safety Advisory Committee, Milwaukie Marketplace, the businesses therein, the Industrial Way businesses and many others around town and in the county, as well as a cast of hundreds, both residents and non-residents, that worked so hard to make this event such a rousing success.

The vast community support for our Police Department was highly evident, and perhaps the City Council and the decision-makers in Milwaukie need to revisit the budget drawing board and determine what is of high priority to the Milwaukie citizens and taxpayers?

It was a great event, and hopefully will continue into coming years with ever-higher achievement and greater success. Thanks to all again for a great event!

D.I. Macken-Hambright

Milwaukie Public Safety Foundation, treasurer

by: SUBMITTED DRAWING - Tammy Stevens, chairwoman of the Beavercreek Hamlet, is the artist of this editorial cartoon.

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