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Photographer Kat Sloma headlines Ledding Library Cultural Forum


Photographer Kat Sloma believes that “we all have the potential to be creative, with a unique voice and vision to share with the world.” She will expand on her thoughts from 7 to 8 p.m. at the upcoming Ledding Cultural Forum on Thursday, Oct. 1, at the Pond House in Milwaukie.

PHOTO COURTESY OF KAT SLOMA - Kat Sloma, who will speak at the upcoming Ledding Cultural Forum.She will be talking about mobile photography, accomplished with a smartphone or tablet, as an artistic medium.

“I’ll share a little bit about how mobile photography differs from traditional photography, as well as some of the great advantages it brings to photography in terms of creativity,” she said.

Sloma added, “Most people now have smartphones or tablets, yet don’t know it is possible to create art with the devices they carry. I hope my presentation opens their eyes to the possibilities and encourages them to experiment with their phones as a creative tool.”

iPhone techniques

Sloma also will talk about her new book, “Art with an iPhone: A Photographer’s Guide to Creating Altered Realities,” which she said covers what people need to know to get started with creative iPhone photography.

PHOTO COURTESY OF KAT SLOMA - Kat Sloma holds a photo that reflects the shift from urban scenes to forest elements in her photographic work.  This will include “everything from power and file management to capturing a good photograph to creative photo editing through combining and blending apps.”

She added, “I’ve been teaching workshops and writing tutorials for iPhone photography for a couple of years now, and this book is the culmination of what I’ve learned and love to teach others,” she said.

The book is available for preorder on Amazon.com.

Engineering training

Sloma has an electrical engineering background that links to photography in several ways.

“I spent many years as a manufacturing process engineer, where new problems were constantly arising. I’ve learned to be observant of details, to see and use patterns to help solve problems,” she said.

“Observation of the world and noticing patterns is just as important in creating a photograph and a body of artistic work. I’ve also learned to break complex systems down into manageable steps, which can be repeated over and over.”

Through engineering, she said, she has learned to test and experiment, and thus is not afraid to try new things and learn through experimentation in the photography process.

Using libraries

Sloma described herself as a “voracious reader,” and added that she is a big believer in taking advantage of what libraries have to offer.

“Activities like the Ledding Cultural Forum are a fantastic way to expand your personal horizons, connecting in person with authors. There is an energy in this kind of face-to-face interaction you can’t quite get from the written word,” she said.

She hopes that members of the community appreciate the fact that events like the Cultural Forum bring interesting content to the local area, all for free.

In her presentation, she will point out how mobile photography is “one of the most accessible art forms available today, and is a wonderful means to develop and share a point of view.”

Sloma added, “I’d love to see more people connect with their creative side by using this amazing tool in their pocket. I look forward to sharing my personal experience, and I hope it will inspire others to explore this great new artistic medium.”

Focus on photography

What: Ledding Cultural Forum presents photographer Kat Sloma

When: 7 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 1

Where: Pond House, 2215 S.E. Harrison St., Milwaukie

More: Learn more about Kat Sloma and see examples of her work at kateyestudio.com.