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Offensive Player of the Year

Dan Sherrell, Clackamas

Defensive Player of the Year

Clay Valenzuela-Reece, Oregon City

Coach of the Year

Bruce Reece, Oregon City


OREGON CITY — Seniors Andy Etzel (guard), Josh Miller (tackle), Matthew Oades (wide receiver) and Alex Canchola (place kicker); and sophomore Conner Mitchell (running back)

CLACKAMAS — Seniors Dan Sherrell (running back) and Keegan Daley (wide receiver)

CANBY — Senior J.R. McLaughlin (wide receiver) and junior Eric Dungey (quarterback)

LAKERIDGE — Senior Alex Ingram (placekicker)

WEST LINN — Senior Ellis Eaton (tackle) and sophomore Cody Coppedge (wide receiver)

LAKE OSWEGO — Senior Jordan Horak (wide receiver)


OREGON CITY — Seniors Clay Valenzuela-Reece (cornerback), Zak Merwin (defensive end) and Austin Bjorkman (outside linebacker); and sophomores Kiahve Dennis-Lee (inside linebacker) and Trevon Bradford (safety)

CLACKAMAS — Seniors Brody Haehlen (line) and Jaeden Abraham (cornerback), and juniors Nathan Kemp (outside linebacker) and Hayden Kirsch (safety)

CANBY — Seniors Alejandro Sandoval (line), A.J. Schlatter (inside linebacker), Cole Thompson (outside linebacker) and Dominic Shorter (punter); and sophomore Tony Kraus (line)

LAKE OSWEGO — Seniors Nick Underwood (inside linebacker) and Jordan Horak (safety), and junior Zach Parker (cornerback)


OREGON CITY — Seniors Keith Arnold (center) and Tony Corvi (running back), junior Hunter Knighton (wide receiver), and sophomore Trevon Bradford (wide receiver)

CLACKAMAS — Seniors David Reese (tackle), Brody Haehlen (tight end) and Michael McDonald (place kicker); and junior Nick Krska (wide receiver)

WEST LINN — Seniors Hayden Coppedge (quarterback), Hudson Kennedy (guard) and Cam Schmitz (wide receiver); and junior Kurt Moon (tight end)

CANBY — Seniors Nick Kraxberger (tackle), Noah Kyllo (running back) and Alejandro Sandoval (place kicker)

LAKE OSWEGO — Senior Wes Johnston (guard)


OREGON CITY — Seniors Josh Miller (line) and Clay Valenzuela-Reece (punter), and junior Jonathan Marquett (cornerback)

CLACKAMAS — Seniors Cole Johnson (line), Zach Farnes (inside linebacker) and Taylor Stinson (outside linebacker); and junior Brett Peterson (safety)

LAKERIDGE — Seniors Marqueese Royster (line) and Vontrell Mills (cornerback), and juniors Lopeti Asiea (inside linebacker) and Joel Schwarz (outside linebacker)

CANBY — Seniors Craig Fobert (line) and Austin Taylor (safety), and junior Jace Cates (outside linebacker)

LAKE OSWEGO — Senior Craig Hodges (safety) and sophomore Max Mattern (outside linebacker)

WEST LINN — Senior Kevin Edwards (inside linebacker) and freshman Elijah Molden (cornerback)


OREGON CITY — Senior Jon Hall (quarterback) and junior Chris Mengis (tackle)

CLACKAMAS — Seniors Doonie Johnson (quarterback), Cade Wilkins (quarterback), Trevor Dunn (center), Josh Miller (tackle) and Taylor Stinson (tight end); and juniors Colby Taylor (guard) and Aiden Kragero (guard)

WEST LINN — Senior Louie Germain (running back)

LAKE OSWEGO — Seniors Craig Hodges (running back), Austin Wright (guard), Paul Carlson (tackle), Collin Calhoun (tackle), Charlie Callen (wide receiver) and Nick Underwood (tight end)

CANBY — Seniors Kyle Rademacher (guard) and Alejandro Sandoval (tackle)

LAKERIDGE — Seniors Ethan Koester-Schmidt (guard), Kyle Johnson (tackle), Joe Sindlinger (wide receiver), Chase Marshall (tight end) and Nick Rooney (place kicker); and juniors Michael Keiver (guard) and Jack Cole (wide receiver)


OREGON CITY — Seniors Tony Corvi (line), Andy Etzel (line), D.J. Vandervort (line) and Easton Christensen (outside linebacker); junior Coy Vandehey (outside linebacker); and sophomores Conner Mitchell (outside linebacker) and Jake Yoshimura (inside linebacker)

CLACKAMAS — Senior Levi Millay (punter) and sophomore Bryce Dickey (inside linebacker)

WEST LINN — Seniors Ellis Eaton (line) and Braden Vogt (cornerback)

LAKE OSWEGO — Juniors Parker Brisbee (line) and Mack Tenneson (inside linebacker)

CANBY — Senior Trey Bellmore (cornerback)

LAKERIDGE — Seniors Clarke Smith (inside linebacker), Ryan Dunham (cornerback), Tyler Miller (cornerback), Jacob Tipton (safety and punter) and Adam Barrett (safety); and sophomore Mason Newton (line)

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