The “I Gave the Sun a Bath” illustration contest winners were announced May 12 at an awards celebration in the theater at Clackamas High School. Family, teachers, school administrators and classmates watched as the winners’ names were called.

Zoe Clegg, 17, was the first-place winner; Liana Tarasenko took second place, followed by Carly Musser in third, and Johanna Hausmann in fourth place.

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - CHS illustration contest winners are pictured above with author Marilyn Lawrence, center. They are, left to right, Carly Musser, Liana Tarasenko, winner Zoe Clegg and Johanna Hausmann.Happy Valley author Marilyn Lawrence sought out the art students at CHS because she wanted to give the young people a chance to get some real-world experience in illustrating a book that will be published.

She said she feels very good “about creating an opportunity to help students realize that the only limits in life are those of self-restraint, and those restraints are self-imposed. We are all capable of greatness. When allowed to move outside the box, to open up to new experiences, the realization that possibilities are limitless begins to shine.”

CHS art teacher Bonnie Kayser presented the challenge to her students, and 13 of them entered the competition to illustrate the book.

“I am overwhelmed by the talent that was revealed by the participants of the contest. It made it difficult to choose the winners, needless to say. I had just a couple of requests when I announced the contest, the most important being that I asked each student to embrace their own signature design style and allow it to blossom and magnify with no restrictions,” Lawrence said.

She will start working with Clegg immediately and has scheduled a meeting with her and some of the young students that Clegg will use as models when she begins to illustrate the book.

“It will also be a wonderful opportunity for Zoe to be a role model for young minds; not to mention what a thrill it is for these 2- to 10-year-olds to go to the high school and meet a student, who just happens to be using them as a ‘model’ in an illustration for a book,” Lawrence said.

What’s next on the agenda?

Lawrence said, “I am already thinking about the next book that I can write to create this kind of opportunity for students again. I believe I created a lot of joy with this contest, and it brought me a lot of joy back.”

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