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15th medieval fair inspires Rowe Middle School students


Greg Parrington, a social-studies teacher at Rowe Middle School in Milwaukie, celebrated that the weather at his 15th-annual medieval-themed event Friday allowed his students to practice their archery outside.

Parrington said that the fair continues to fit with state requirements for teaching world history.

by: PHOTO BY: RAYMOND RENDLEMAN - Rowe students to practice their archery behind the school.Led by Officer Ulli Neitch of the Milwaukie Police, students learned May 9 that modern police are the closest thing to the knights of today with their codes of ethics similar to oaths taken by medieval knights. Both promise to serve honestly and with honor, but knights served God and the king, while officers serve the laws equally on everyone regardless of social status.

by: PHOTO BY: ULLI NEITCH/MILWAUKIE POLICE - Rowe Middle School students don modern police and medieval knight costumes as part of a lesson comparing the oaths of the organizations.