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The 57th annual Canby Rodeo was one for the books


Announcer Wayne Brooks says the 2014 Canby Rodeo was the best ever.

Photo Credit: COREY BUCHANAN - Announcer Wayne Brooks explaining the finer points of the Canby Rodeo to the crowd.

The 57th annual Canby Rodeo saw world-renowned as well as relatively unknown riders take home titles to the delight of raucous fans at the five-day Clackamas County Fair complementary spectacle.

19-time world champion Trevor Brazile may have won the all-around title at last year’s Canby Rodeo, but he couldn’t accrue the best time in team roping. This year, Brazile, with new partner Travis Graves, took home the team roping title, tacking on a two-round total time of 10.5 seconds. Not to mention, for the second year in a row, Brazile earned best all-around cowboy distinction for accumulating more prize money, $4,962, than any other cowboy.

Cody Ohl, who finished second in last year’s tie-down roping world standings, must also fancy the Canby Rodeo, because for the second year in a row, he earned the tie-down roping title.

Austin Manning dominated the steer wrestling competition, posting a combined time of 8.5 seconds.

Britany Diaz reigned supreme in barrel racing as she finished .08 seconds ahead of Rachel Stoller to take the title.

In the bull riding competition, a crowd favorite, Elliot Jacoby hung on for dear life to earn a rodeo best score of 92. And Isaac Diaz score of 88 on Thursday in the saddle bronc riding competition wasn’t topped early in the week or on the weekend.

The rodeo paid out $131,923 this year, which is about $7,000 less than it paid out last year. The rodeo was stocked by Growney Brothers and sub-contracted by Big Stone, Moreno & Growney Rodeo, Big Stone Rodeo and Calgary Stampede.

In announcer Wayne Brooks’ opinion, this year’s Canby Rodeo reached its apex in terms of entertainment and elite riding.

“It’s phenomenal. We’ve probably had the best rodeo we’ve ever had in the history of the Canby Rodeo,” Brooks said.

Brooks gave context to this conclusion by citing the illustrious crop of cowboys, world-renowned stock and ideal weather.

He said about the cowboys: “The sponsors and the people behind the scenes enable us to pay a lot of money out to the cowboys. What that does is it brings the best of the best to town.” He added: “You’re looking at probably 80 percent of the top contestants in the world standings. We’re probably turning out the highest scores and fastest times of any rodeo in North America this weekend.”

Regarding the weather, Brooks said: “There’s clear weather this week and the animals are better when it’s cooler. Our first two performances it was like 70 degrees all night long and I think that helps a little bit.”

As far as livestock is concerned, Brooks said: “We’ve got John Growney and his award winning crew with his livestock and they’ve also brought three other stock providers. When you put those superpowers in the livestock business together, that adds up to some of the greatest horses and bulls around.”

The fact that the Canby Rodeo won the REMUDA award, given by the Professional Rodeo Cowboy’s Association to the rodeo with the best bucking stock earlier this year adds bite to Brooks words.

Brooks also praised clown John Harrison, who entertained the crowd with Rosie O’Donnell jokes, wild horse rides and crowd engagement. Harrison won Comedy Act of the Year in 2012 and has been selected to perform at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo three times.

“He’s great and an award winner. They say it’s all about timing and it is. It takes a sixth sense for a clown to know when to jump in and jump out. This guy has won awards for a reason. He’s very, very good at what he does,” Brooks said.


Team Roping

1. Trevor Brazille and Travis Graves, 10.5/2, $2,821.41 each

2. Clay Tryan and Jade Corkill, 10.6/2, $2,334.96 each

3. Riley Minor and Brady Minor, 10.8/2, $1,846.51 each

4. Chace Thompson and Jet Hillman, 11.5/2, $1,362.06 each

5. Landon McClaugherty and Caleb Twisselman, 11.7/2, $875.61 each

Clay Smith and Jake Smith, 15.8/2, $486.45 each

Steer Wrestling

1. Austin Manning, 8.5/2, $1,826.42

2. Tyler Pearson, 8.9/2, $1,511.52

3. Case McMillen, 9.1/2, $1,196.62

4. Cle Edge, 9.4/2, $881.72

5. Jacob Talley, 9.8/2, $566.82

6. Joe Buffington, 9.9/2, $314.90

Barrel Racing

1. Britany Diaz, 16.55, $2,485.36

2/3: Rachel Stoller, 16.63, $1,926.15

2/3: Cindy Woods, 16.63, $1,926.15

4/5: Taylor Jacob,16.64, $1,366.95

4/5. Pamela Capper, 16.64, $1,366.95

6. Liz Combs, 16.66, $869.88

7. Brittany Kelly, 16.73, $621.34

8. Mary Hays, 16.78, $497.07

9. Christine Laughlin, 16.81, $434.94

10. Berna Haberman, 16.82, $373.80

11. Karla Lane, 16.89, $310.67

12. Amber Moore, 16.9, $248.54

Bull Riding

1. Elliot Jacoby, 92, $3,722.4

2. Chandler Bownds, 90, $2,853.84

3. Beau Hill, 87, $2,109.36

4. Steve Woolsey, 86, $1,364.88

5/6. Brennon Eldred, 85, $744.48

5/6. Trey Benton III, 85, $744.48

7. Fran Orozco-Marchand, 84, $496.32

8/8. Josh Koeschel, 82, $186.12

8/8. Ardie Maier, 82, 186.12

Saddle Bronc Riding

1. Isaac Diaz, 88, $3,384

2. Cort Scheer, 85, $2,256

2. Ben Londo, 85, $2,256

4. Brady Nicholas, 84, $1,015.20

4. Joaquin Real, 84, $1,015.20

6. Heith Allan DeMoss, 83, $507.60

6. Jesse Bail, 83, $507.60

8. Ty Kirkland, 82, $112.80

8. Cody Wright, 82, $112.80

8. Max Filippini, 82, $112.80

Tie-Down Roping

1. Cody Ohl, 16.9/2, $1,974.40

2. Cimarron Boardman, 17.1/2, $1,633.99

3. Brad Goodrich, 18.1/2, $1,123.36

3. Ryan Watkins, 18.1/2, $1,123.36

5. Cade Swor, 18.5/2, $612.75

6. Randall Carlisle, 19.0/2, $340.41

Bareback Riding

1. Jessy Davis, 87, $2,630.49

1. Brian Bain, 87, $2,630.49

3. Orin Larsen, 86, $1,389.69

3. Steven Peebles, 86, $1,389.69

5. Josi Young, 85, $595,58

5. Luke Creasy, 85, $595.58

7. Seth Hardwick, 84, $347.42

7. Bobby Mote, 84, $347.42