The Nothing-But-Net Basketball Tournament saw hundreds gather at Wait Park for a day of basketball euphoria.

Photo Credit: COREY BUCHANAN - Two ballers in the 12-13 division fight for posession.

The 15th annual “Nothing-But-Net Basketball Tournament” saw 116 teams attempt to dribble, pass and shoot their way to a division championship Saturday at Wait Park.

Though guts and grit resonated from each contest, Tournament Coordinator Vicki Pounds said the main purposes of the tournament were to illicit enjoyment and raise money for the Canby Rotary Foundation.

“It’s great for the kids. They’re so excited. They get t-shirts made for their teams. It’s quite the deal,” Pounds said.

Once the Canby Rotary brings in money from the tournament, they try to bounce it back to the Canby community.

“Several years ago they gave over $100,000 worth of books to Lee Elementary out of the foundation. The bulk of the money is given for college scholarships. We do these fundraisers and try to figure out how to give back to the community,” Pounds said.

Photo Credit: COREY BUCHANAN - A Canby player taking on a Clackamas player one-on-one.

Though the tournament was still six months away, Pounds and her compatriots began planning the event in January.

“I started planning in January to get sponsors collected. Registration fees don’t cover the cost so it’s up to the sponsors to embrace the tournament,” Pounds said.

And all their hard work paid off as the tournament drew in over 30 sponsors.

In total, 60 organizers helped with event preparations.

“Everybody does a little bit of something. People will organize sponsor recognition or clean up the banners or maintain equipment,” Pounds said.

Plus, the event allowed Canby Rotary staff to come closer together.

“It’s a great way for us to get to know each other. There’s a lot of camaraderie that comes out of this stuff,” Pounds said.

During the middle of the day, the park was packed with family, friends, cops, firefighters, teachers, students, etc.

In only a little less than a year, Wait Park will be bustling once more.

Photo Credit: COREY BUCHANAN - A dribbler pushes aside a defender while driving to the hoop.


Division Team Name Hometown

Female 8-9

1st Place Mini Cougs Canby, Aurora

2nd Place Dangerous Divas Salem, Keizer

Male 8-9

1st Place i9 Sports West Linn

2nd Place Lil Ballerz Portland, Damascus

Female 10-11 One

1st Place Butler Wildcats Wilsonville, West Linn, Corvallis

2nd Place FLAMES- Bailey Vancouver, Portland

Female 10-11 Two

1st Place 068 Elite West Linn

2nd Place Pleasant Hill Pleasant Hill, Dexter

Male 10-11 One

1st Place Team Fly Tigard, Tualatin

2nd Place Wild Hare Canby, Woodburn

Male 10-11 Two

1st Place Super Swoosh Canby

2nd Place Future Varsity Salem

Female 12-13

1st Place Club Fit Canby

2nd Place Eugene Fire Eugene

Male 12-13 One

1st Place D1 Dreams Washougal, Vancouver, Camas

2nd Place Toxic 3 Silverton, Scotts Mill

Male 12-13 Two

1st Place West Linn Elite West Linn, Tualatin

2nd Place The Mambas Jefferson

Male 12-13 Three

1st Place Superhero Vancouver, Camas

2nd Place NMBallerz Aurora, Hubbard

Female 14-15

1st Place LC Wildcats LaCenter, Wash.

2nd Place H.A.C.K. is Back Canby, Oregon City

Male 14-15

1st Place Buckets Inc. Canby

2nd Place Vicious and Delicious Canby, Aurora

Female 16-18

1st Place DOMANator Woodburn

2nd Place NM Huskies Hubbard, Aurora, Gervais

Male 16-18

1st Place 3 on 3 Kings Wilsonville, Tualatin

2nd Place Free Agents Canby

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