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Youth swimming: Canby Gators place third at Bend Open to wrap up long-course season


Thirteen members of the club squad clock personal-best times at the 17-team event.

The Canby Gators youth swimming team took third place out of 17 teams to wrap up its long-course season at the Bend Open, racking up 1,174 points to finish behind host Bend (2,541.5) and runner-up Hillsboro (1,581).

Thirteen Canby swimmers clocked personal-best times, and 11 Gators earned state-qualifying times during the Aug. 9-11 event.

Swimmers with all-best times at the meet were Katie Ball, Andrew Hanson, Jack Hayhurst, Kylee Long, Matthew Michaels, Amanda Moses, Megan Slater, Jordan Spencer, Michael Haring, Elisabeth McNamee, Christian Meza, Austin Moses and Jarod Spencer.

Other swimmers earning best times and making good progress individually were Maren Bowlsby, Laila Bozorth, Conner DeRisio, Bjorn Laitinen, Thor Laitinen, Jason Marcott, Erin Meredith, Brandon Slater, Hannah Smith and Amanda Yancey.

Canby had one swimmer earn the high-point award for her age group, as Kennedy Hester finished with the most points for an 8-and-under girl.

Others finishing in the top three for high-point marks were Allison Yancey (second, 8-and-under girls); Andrew Hanson (second, 8-and-under boys); Hodge Dauler (third, 8-and-under boys); and Kaitlyn Hester (second, 13-14 girls).

Gators who scored individually were Katie Ball, Jamison Chard, Mairen Chard, Savannah Cruthers, Hodge Dauler, Hunter DeRisio, Andrew Hanson, Kennedy Hester, Kylie Hester, Tori Hanson, Addison Dauler, Logan Skipper, Allison Yancey, Cole DeRisio, Kaitlyn Hester, Michael Haring, Elisabeth McNamee, Christian Meza, Austin Moses, Kendra Olsen and Jarod Spencer.

The 8-and-under girls 100 free relay squad of Kennedy Hester, Amanda Yancey, Allison Yancey and Katie Ball finished first with a time of 1 minute 11.83 seconds.

The 8-and-under boys free relay squad also earned top honors, as Andrew Hanson, Hodge Dauler, Matthew Michaels and Jamison Chard joined forces to clock a time of 1:11.96.

The 12-and-under girls 200 free relay squad of Mairen Chard, Kylie Hester, Amanda Moses and Savannah Cruthers finished in third place. The boys 13-and-over 200 free relay team of Cole DeRisio, Jarod Spencer, Austin Moses and Christian Meza also came in third. 

Gators with state-qualifying A-level times were Jamison Chard, Mairen Chard, Hodge Dauler, Hunter DeRiso, Andrew Hanson, Kennedy Hester, Kylie Hester, Allison Yancey, Michael Haring, Jarod Spencer and Kaitlyn Hester.

Christian Meza, Cole DeRisio, Jordan Spencer, Logan Skipper, Cori Oster, Amanda Moses, Savannah Cruthers and Katie Ball posted B-level times.

The Canby Gators will be on break until Sept. 16, and tryouts will be held on and after that date. For more information, visit www.canbygators.com.