A little color, a little rebellion and a lot of beauty. That’s the look and feel of a Canby home honored this month.

The Canby Garden Club named Ann and Bob Jones’ yard at 139 NW Sixth Ave. its July Yard of the Month.

When Ann and Bob first moved into the house around 30 years ago, it was just a flat section of grass.

Since then, they have been slowly transforming it into something unique and beautiful.

“What we’ve done is totally change it from a flat, typical front yard to kind of a forest, garden look,” Ann said. “It’s very shaded.”

They installed a dry creek bed through the yard and, though they didn’t put in running water, Ann said it can get up to half full on a really rainy day. They also put in a sidewalk and a little bridge, and planted a big maple tree in the middle to bring shade to the house.

Ann said a good deal of credit goes to the suggestions and help of Frank Howard.

“He has really good ideas and suggestions and then we decide exactly what we want,” she said. The shade limits the number of flowers they get in the summer, but they get many in the spring and enjoy an extra burst of color from the camellia bushes and daisies they’ve planted.

The striking red door and front steps also add a pop of color to the yard even when there are no flowers.

Ann said they got the idea for the colored front door on a trip to Ireland. All the doors there, she said, are different colors.

They did some digging, and discovered the doors had an interesting history.

When Queen Victoria died, everyone was ordered to paint their doors and fences black in mourning. The Irish, however, did not like being under British rule at the time and instead painted their doors every color other than black.

Since Ann is part Irish, she thought it would be fun to carry the tradition home with her. So the front door is red and the back door is blue.

The couple are avid golfers and spend much of their time on the course.

Ann and Bob also enjoy traveling. When they retired from teaching, they traveled to Ireland where they “fell in love,” Ann said. Since then, they have combined their two loves by writing six golf travel guides to Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

They have also traveled to England, but they don’t write about the courses there, instead spending their time doing things other than golf.

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