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Band with local ties plans shows


Butch Kent and Shawna Gentert (middle) formed the band 18:20 some years ago and continue to pursue their 
passion for music and ministry. The band has two big gigs coming up - Aug. 28 and Sept. 11.Standing beneath the shady trees of Wait Park on a recent 97-degree evening, Butch Kent and Shawna Gentert were enjoying their time in a city they call their own.

The pair live and attend church locally and brought their band, 18:20, to town for a little photo shoot ahead of a couple of fairly large musical opportunities. The band was formed by Kent and Gentert, who remain the faces of the group as the lineup has changed around them. What hasn’t changed, but has intensified, is the group’s commitment to ministry of the homeless and children with special needs.

“I have three children with special needs and Shawna has one, so we really identify with those folks and want to be role models for those folks to follow,” Kent said, noting that marriages end in divorce at a 90 percent rate when a child with special needs is involved. “We also have a heart for the homeless and for seeing people pull themselves up out of homelessness.”

To that end, 18:20 will play a pair of benefit concerts in the next couple of months. The first is Wednesday, Aug. 28, at 11 a.m. at the Union Gospel Mission in Portland, a headlining gig for Operation Overcoat, which provides warm coats and shoes for more than 2,000 homeless in Portland. Additionally, on Sept. 5 at Temple Baptist Church in the Lloyd District, the group will headline Rock for the Roll, a benefit for City Team Portland that starts at 7 p.m. In working with the homeless, City Team found that one of its biggest expenses per week was the cost of toilet paper. Rock for the Roll’s entry fee is simple — a pack of toilet paper.

“We just have a heart for these issues and want people to know that we’re out making music and ministering to these folks,” Kent said. “If I had to describe our musical style in a few words, I’d call it a classic rock-blues vibe. Shawna has a very soulful voice, kind of like Natalie Merchant (of 10,000 Maniacs). Even our original stuff is like that.”

The group has a growing catalog of original material as well as a vast array of cover material it can deliver.

The band 18:20 consists of Kent and Genter, Mark Evilsizer on the drums; Rick Jones on keyboards and vocals; and Mike Pietz on the bass.

The group has posted two songs that have gone to No. 2 and one song that has gone to No. 1 on indieheaven.com fanfav's chart, which features thousands of Christian bands and artists from all over the world. The group has released two CD's in the last three years and is currently in the process of finishing up its third. Kent lives in Aurora and Gentert calls Donald home, but the pair said they consider Canby home as they have attended church in the city and do their day-to-day activities here. Currently, Kent attends Bridge to Life Church, which meets at the Canby Adult Center. Gentert goes to North Marion Fellowship.

That’s why the photo shoot started at The Place to Be Café and then moved to the shady confines of Wait Park and other spots around Canby.

“We consider Canby home,” Kent said. “We have a lot of ties to this area and this town.”