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Street work in Canby is a confusing mix

Letter to Canby Herald Editor John Baker from the week of Feb 27

We all agree road conditions thoughout Oregon are a problem. Recently, we heard from ODOT's Kimberly Dinwiddie regarding the bridge project on 99E and that there is little they can do until things dry out.

I found it interesting that in 2015, when they began paving portions of 99E, why they did not just start from one end of town and go to the other, rather than just doing portions and then returning in 2016 to do the spots they missed.

President Donald Trump announced Feb. 28 that his mission is to put money back into infrastructure and put people back to work.

I know everyone enjoys driving on a freshly paved road versus trying dodging potholes that appear rapidly on city streets, highways and freeways across our state. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the years ahead.

I have lived in Canby for 34 years and watched how the city has repaved streets in the past. It is my observation that many streets have been overlooked while others have been repaved more than once.

One of our most recently paved streets in 2016 was Birch Street. Recently, I decided to drive down Birch to see how the project was coming along. Shortly after turning on Birch, just past Ninth Street, I noticed the freshly paved street had ground indentions in the shape of a large squared-off "O" from one side of the street to the other. I'm not sure whose bright idea this was, but after just repaving this street what on earth is the reason for destroying a perfectly nice street.

Nicely paved streets are great to drive on, just observe the speed limits and drive with care. These are all our neighborhoods and I am sure you would like a freshly paved street outside your home.

Jim Hostetler