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Letters to the Editor


Canby kids dance recital was wonderfully done

To the editor:

My grandson has been enrolled in dance classes since last fall and the recital was scheduled at Canby High School. We wrote it on the calendar, but I wondered, “A three plus hour performance by kids?”

Professional movie and theater directors know that our attention spans and fannies aren't up to more than two hours. But, I'm the grandmother so off I went with a smile on my face.

From the moment the curtain went up, I was captivated. Sparkling costumes, great choreography, fast pacing and super music made the hours fly by. Final analysis, the Canby kids dance recital was better than the musical 'Once,' a Tony award winning Broadway show.

Kudos to the teachers and performers.

Christie Gorsline


Parks have opportunity to trim fat and provide higher service

To the editor:

In an effort to provide a different perspective on the Canby parks perceived shortfalls, I felt inclined to respond. Only very recently has the staffing level risen to the current number of full time employees (five).

If we must choose between maintaining areas currently used frequently by families and neighborhoods, or mowing large portions of semi-rural wetlands and unimproved rights of way, I think our parks department needs to shift its priority schedule considerably.

For the cost of the equipment and time spent on said rough areas, the city could contract out all maintenance of unimproved areas and afford a small army of seasonal employees to assist the senior parks employees who need to be out in the field performing daily maintenance activities.

I know as a citizen I would feel good about seeing each of the three remaining parks staff given two to three temporary seasonal employees each. This would double the work force, significantly decrease overhead, and spread the wealth of knowledge held by said three remaining full time parks employees.

This is a positive opportunity to trim some fat, provide a higher service level and maximize the efficiency of the remaining full time staff.

Solomon Jacobsen


Habitat offers thanks for Burgerville fundraiser

To the editor:

A big thank you to Jennifer and the crew at the Canby Burgerville for hosting a NWV Habitat night June 24.

We really appreciate your support. For more information on NWV Habitat and our building and repairs program, ReStores, or to find out how to volunteer, please visit us online at www.nwvhabitat.org.

Beth Faulhaber