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What’s the core of the core state standards?

To the editor:

Regarding the Jan. 15 Herald article: “Steach: Superintendent doesn’t see major cuts coming for Canby School District in 2014.” We see several flags that raise questions — “ ... we had to be ready for the implementation of the Common Core State Standards, new teacher-principal evaluation requirements ... ”

Who is mandating these, the State Department of education? From whence came their directive? Who is writing this Common Core Curriculum and why? Did our local school board have any choice in the matter? Did our legislators have a vote?

Why have other states rejected this CCC and what will it replace? Who is forcing their idea – “we were ... told to put it in place.” -- on how teachers and principals should be evaluated apart from educational certification and local hiring practices? What if educators disagree with this curriculum? Do the “new student records systems” invade student privacy? How are these better than the existing ones and what could possibly be meant by “new grading system? Aren’t As and Bs not good enough now?

Sounds like we have a mandated curriculum that forces teachers to teach it, forces tests to test it, and forces students to be graded on how well they parrot the info on tests. Teaching to the tests made by whom and are they academic standards or agenda driven?

If this is coming from the federal government, we’ve already had education reform certificates of mastery and No Child Left Behind, which did not work except as an excuse to demand more tax dollars for implementing them. Whose agenda drives our school curriculum and why? Meanwhile, private schools and home schools continue to teach children to read and write in first grade.

Pat Smith


Historic pages in Herald are important reads

To the editor:

Just wanted to thank whoever is in charge at the Herald for rerunning those historic Canby Herald pages that appear every week.

I think it’s really fun to read the stories and see the photos of how things used to be in Canby. It gives the city a little context and texture, as well as being of great historical significance. As Canby grows, the people who come into it should know a little about the town’s early years. I don’t think that’s bad, I think it’s good.

And your willingness to share these old stories (I understand the book they were part of no longer exists) with the community, is a real plus. I find them interesting and fun.

Sheree Clawson


Story on 99E work appreciated, look will be better on highway

To the editor:

Thanks for the story on the work that’s begun along Highway 99E at three of our major intersections. I was just wondering what was starting to happen there when I saw the story in the Herald and my questions were answered.

I, for one, am happy to see this kind of work done at those intersections. They do need to be ADA compatible and the idea that the wires that hang across the highway will soon be gone is going to be a nice visual for the town.

I know that city and some business owners have started to talk about improvements and beautification along Highway 99E. I also know that it being a state highway, ODOT will have a big say on what can and can’t be done. However, I think that these intersection improvements will be a nice step in the right direction. Having less wires to look at across the highway will be much nicer than the current look.

Mark Stanford

Oregon City