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How can fuel prices fluxuate so radically in small areas?

To the editor:

Fuel prices: Over the past few days I have monitored fuel (car gasoline) prices and do not understand why Canby stations are at least 20 cents higher per gallon than Oregon City Stations ($3.85 in Canby and $3.62 in Oregon City).

Can 10 miles really make that much cost difference? It appears to me it is time for the Fred Meyer fueling station to come in and give the locals some competition. Fred Meyer where are you when we need you?

Billy Wasson


First trip to Big Weekend left an impression on visitor?

To the editor:

You’ve got something very cool going on in Canby in late August. I?attended the Big Weekend event Saturday in and around your downtown park and I have to say that I’ve never been to anything like it.

I visited the quilt exhibit and walked amongst the beautifully renovated and painted classic cars. There was food and different events going on and I loved the music. Most of all, I loved the atmosphere. It was a festival-like event that had a really relaxed and “chilled out” feel to it. I?had a ball.

Trent Wyman

Lake Oswego