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July 31, 2013 edition

Ares’ resignation was good for him and for the city

To the editor:

I read with great interest Councilman Ares’ reason for resigning from the city council. I feel his frustration and can understand it. My frustration, however, is with the idea that a special interest group mainly the Friends of the Library and the library board, would willfully circumvent a vote of the people. Penny Hummel, library director, at a city council meeting in April stated that if the library were put to a vote of the people, it most likely would fail. Fail being the operative word here.

So, rather than taking a risk and asking for voter approval, they went behind the backs of the voters and tried to ram it through using urban renewal money. I wonder, Mr. Ares, is that serving the public interest.

As industries go, the heyday of the library has passed. We have computers, the Internet, iPhones, tablets, and e-books. Students today don’t need to leave the comfort of their home to research a term paper. I can check a book out with my Kindle while doing dishes.

Mr. Ares parroted many who embrace the willy-nilly spending of urban renewal monies stating "it won’t raise our taxes". It’s also been called "free money" by urban renewal advocates. Do these elected officials really believe we are that dim?

The truth is that urban renewal monies directly siphon scarce tax dollars from police, fire, colleges, cities and schools, thus forcing these entities to try and pass levies to make up for the monies they will not be receiving because of urban renewal.

True, Canby’s library process has not been pretty but I applaud the mayor and the city council members who voted no on the library. I applaud Mr. Ares for resigning. We need young, energetic city councilmen and women who embrace fiscal responsibility.

Winnie Savory


Hodson’s leadership termed ‘comical’ and lacking intergrity

To the editor:

The loss of Rich Ares from the Canby City Council is a huge blow for this community and another feather in the hat of inept leadership from Mayor Brian Hodson.

You know, when Hodson and his brood of locksstep councilors were elected in November, the Canby Herald demonstrated incredible wisdom and foresight in warning that people devoted to ideology above all else often don’t have the welfare of the community at heart. And that can rip the city council apart. Talk about calling it right on the button. Look at the anger and distrust that has erupted -— over something that had been decided four times.

Mayor Hodson’s leadership has been spotty at best, confounding at worst, but if it’s the good of the people they serve that really matters to these councilors, losing Rich Ares was a huge kick in the groin. Ares is a man of integrity, honesty and one of the cool and calm heads on the council. His ideas and words are usually well-thought out and well-informed, something this council struggles with daily.

Mr. Hodson, your track record as mayor to this point is comical. You’ve shown you can be bought by a small, fringe group of loud-mouthed liars and misrepresenters, but even that is a part of the political process we’ve unfortunately grown used to. What’s worse, you seem to have no integrity and honesty to follow through on your word.

You are no Melody Thompson or Randy Carson as mayor. But what’s worse — you’re no Rich Ares on the city council. And this city is poorer for it. Enjoy what’s left of your mayorship. You won’t get another term.

Randy Carragher

Oregon City

Simple-minded decision helps all the simple-minded folks

To the editor:

Libraries. We don't need no libraries. It's a well known fact that libraries got books, and books got ideas, and ideas can get pretty darn dangerous in the hands of our younger folk.

I say any taxpayer money lost to keep this new-fangled library out of our town is money well lost. I hope that the majority of our misguided citizens who voted for this library will soon see the error of their ways.

My hat's off to those good people on the city council who bucked the wishes of that majority in order to keep our minds nice and simple. That's what we need more of in this burg: more simple thoughts.

Bill Fenton