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July 24, 2013 edition

Mayor Hodson, councilors made mistake with ‘No’ vote

To the editor:

I understand that Mayor Hodson and others felt they were elected to kill the library-civic center project, and they have. What I don’t understand is why.

Some councilors voting “no” said the project was too expensive, yet the alternative Mayor Hodson offered is $4-6 million more expensive than the approximately $10 million project. Some voting “no” said that killing the project was fiscally responsible. Yet in killing the project part way through development with bonds let, funds raised, design expenses incurred and contracts awarded, Canby will suffer a $2-4 million dollar loss with nothing to show for it.

Some voting “no” said they wanted to make sure citizens in Canby had their say, yet they substituted their own judgment and rejected a two-year public process with dozens of meetings and piles of engagement by people in Canby.

Some voting “no” said the project design was not good enough, yet the mayor's alternative will at best yield an undersized library with fewer important design inclusions and a city service facility on the second floor with less accessibility and visibility. So the outcome of killing the project is a financial loss, a more expensive alternative, a crushing blow to citizen morale and a huge missed opportunity.

I strongly supported the Second Avenue project combining a 21st century library, a restored city hall turned into efficient city council chambers, and consolidated city offices in the current library building.

Why? Because it is a remarkably efficient expenditure of money, it creates a revitalized civic core in the center of downtown Canby, and gives the city-Urban Renewal Agency the ability to shape commercial space on First Avenue. Whether business oriented or civic minded, the project that Mayor Hodson and his fellow “no” voters killed would revitalize Canby.

Craig W. Shinn


Library project cancellation prompts change of direction

To the editor:

Many of you may not be aware of my involvement with the effort to build the new library-civic center on Second Avenue in Canby, but I could fill this column, and then some, with a compelling and persuasive argument as to why the recent decision to cancel that project by the mayor and city council has likely inflicted more damage to Canby than any other decision in the city’s history — and that’s no exaggeration — but that bird has flown.

In light of that cancelation, I have decided to move in a very different direction and that, unfortunately, means I no longer have the time to dedicate to writing movie reviews.

Jon Dragt


(Editor’s Note: After five years of supplying DVD reviews to the community, see Jon Dragt’s final review on page 8 of the July 24, 2013 edition.)