Mary Shurmer wasn't showing this weekend at the Clackamas Kennel Club's annual all-breeds dog show in Canby, she was on hand as a fan of dogs.

JOHN BAKER - Despite the heat over the weekend, the Clackamas Kennel Club's annual all-breed dog show went on nicely. 
The Vanouver, Wash. resident was visiting friends in Happy Valley and figured since she was this close, she'd come enjoy a day around the animals she loves. Despite high temperatures, she was enjoying the action.

"I never get tired of watching them," she said of the dogs. "I still show sometimes, but I always enjoy being around the people and the dogs."JOHN BAKER - The show featured many breeds of dogs and also offered a peek at what the animals and their handlers do when the weather takes on a decidedly warm tone.

And as the sun warmed the grounds, she noted that the show people know how to handle the heat, but so do the dogs.

"The key is making water available. There's shade and the misters, but the dogs know when they are thirsty," she said. "Just having water available for them, and not letting them stay in the sun too long, will help them cope."

And judging by the wagging tails in the show ring, it appeared Shurmer was correct.

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