Unanticipated revenue prompted the need for the city council to take action

The Canby City Council adopted a supplemental budget and appropriated unanticipated funds for fiscal year 2016-17.

Supplemental budgets are required when the city receives unanticipated revenues and wants to transfer or spend those funds during the current fiscal year.

In this case, the city says several needs exist. No. 1, the Canby Police Department needs to replace a police car that was totaled during an officer-involved accident. Back on Saturday, Nov. 26, officer Jefre Johnson was involved in a single-vehicle accident while responding to a scene -- his car veered off the road in thick fog and crashed into a tree on Knights Bridge Road near N. Grant Street, Lt. Jorge Tro told the Herald at that time.

City Administrator Rick Robinson said the total cost to replace the vehicle is $37,415, and 100 percent of those funds will be reimbursed through insurance.

"First, I need to say we're doing this in particular due to a timing issue," Robinson said. "I went ahead and authorized the expenditure of the funds prior to your approval."

The planned city council meeting on Feb. 15 was canceled due to lack of a quorum, and the police car had been on hold for several weeks.

With the council not meeting for more than one month, Robinson said he discussed the situation with Mayor Brian Hodson and both agreed to approve the purchase prior to council approval, which voted 6-0 in favor of the move.

"The alternative was to lose the opportunity to purchase the police vehicle at that price," Robinson said.

Mayor Hodson said that just to clarify the purchase was on the agenda for the last meeting that was canceled.

"I agree with the decision because otherwise they were going to release the cruiser," Hodson said.

The Canby Herald has reported previously that new police cars, including all of the computing equipment needed to run inside each vehicle, cost around $60,000 each. The council did not discuss during the meeting why the insurance reimbursement was so much less than the normal sticker price.

There also have been additional requests for traffic studies that have been received by the planning department, requiring an additional $19,000 to complete. The cost of the traffic studies will be offset with fees paid by developers, according to city documents.

Also, the city received two grants -- one for the historic review of a proposed heritage trail and for rehabilitation work at Baker Prairie Cemetery.

Expenditures to complete this work need to be increased by $9,601 and all costs are covered by the county grants, according to city documents.

Finally, the Library Fund increased by $46,713 as a result of donations received to be used on the new library building project. All costs for the new library-civic building are being charged to the Urban Renewal Agency General Fund, and therefore need to be transferred to that fund, Robinson said.

Additionally, the Friends of the Canby Public Library made donations totaling $20,148 that will be used for the children's library, teen area collections, the new collection and children's books, city documents say.

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