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Audubon Society unable to save injured Canby raptor


A red-tailed hawk that called Canby home was taken in at the Portland Audubon Society after it appeared it was hit by a car.

The bird had sustained a severe head and eye injury, fractured pelvis and dislocated hip.

The veterinarians at Audubon determined that it would unable to use its foot anymore, which hawks need to hunt, and had to euthanize it.

Deb Sheaffer, the staff veterinarian who worked on the bird, said it’s not uncommon to see animals from the Canby area simply because there is so much wildlife.

While this particular injury would have been difficult to prevent, Sheaffer encouraged people not to handle or disturb the wildlife that they are sure to run into in Canby. But that doesn’t mean don’t enjoy it.

“Canby is such a cool area with such great wildlife, that people will be coming across wildlife and interacting with them,” she said. “Just be appreciative of the abundant wildlife you’ll see in that area.”

The Audubon Society has information about the wildlife in the Portland area and what to do if you find an injured animal on its website, audubonportland.org.