Canby Utility got new substation up and running on Nov. 18

Canby Utility threw the switch Monday, Nov. 18, to energize its new Knights Bridge Substation power transformer.

The new station coupled with the Westcott substation in east Canby is the utility’s final step in taking local control of power delivery in Canby.

General Manager Matt Michel called Monday “Canby’s electrical independence day.”

Previously, CU paid PGE to transform the high voltage power delivered to the city to a lower level that could be used by homes and businesses. Now, CU will can do the transformation itself, saving about $395,000 a year.

And Canby Utility’s control of all power being fed into the city will allow it to use a smart grid technology to restore service faster in event of an outage, Michel said.

The new station is located near South Barlow and Knights Bridge roads. The Westcott substation sites near Molalla Forest Road and Highway 99E.

Work on the $2.5 million project began in summer 2012. The new substation is estimated to save $90,000 a year in costs to transform high voltage power to lower voltage levels to serve Canby residences and businesses.

The substation will service two existing feeder lines currently served by the adjoining PGE substation.

Canby Utility’s electric crew was instrumental in the construction of the substation itself, erecting the steel structures, mounting the supports and station equipment, aluminum bus work, circuit switches, jumper wires and control wiring.

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