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Canby Utility planning rate increase


The Canby Utility Board proposes to increase electric revenue by 6.5 percent and adopt a new rate class for new or emerging large loads. The revenue increase will be shared across all customer classes.

“Every two years the Bonneville Power Administration sets their wholesale costs and Canby Utility adjusts rates accordingly,” said Chairman Bob Cornelius. “We take a hard look at what it takes to maintain the electric infrastructure for Canby and plan for future capital needs to improve the reliability and resiliency of our electric system. The utility board sees rate increases as both affected customers and stewards for the community’s electric infrastructure. Finding that balance between meeting needs and reasonable rates is our goal.”

The average residential electric bill would increase from about $67 a month to $72 a month — a $5 increase for about 1,050 kilowatt-hours (kwh) at the new $0.0572/kwh rate.

The residential second block rate would be just under one-half of a cent higher at $0.0617/kwh and triggers when a household’s electricity use rises above 2,000 kwh.

The board proposes increasing commercial rates 5.2 percent on average depending on the level of use and demand load.

“Our commercial rates would still be competitive for businesses in Canby,” Cornelius said. “Canby Utility is a silent business partner to every business in Canby. The more competitive we keep the rates, the more competitive Canby businesses can be.”

The board also proposes creating a new rate class called “new” or “emerging large load”, or NELL for short. This new rate would apply to large customers — either expanding current customers or new businesses coming to town — that have a new load profile of 3.1 megawatts or greater. The rate itself would have the same meter and demand rates as other commercial customers, but the kilowatt/hour charge would be $0.75 higher.

The higher cost reflects the higher wholesale power costs that would accompany supplying such a large load.

The price for Canby’s popular Green Power program that provides all customers the opportunity to support renewable energy development will stay the same: $0.92 for a 100 kwh block.

The public can provide testimony on the proposed electric rates at a Tuesday, Sept. 10, public hearing at 7p.m. Written testimony may be submitted prior to the meeting and included in the board’s deliberation if received before 3 p.m. the day of the hearing. Written testimony can be mailed or delivered to the Canby Utility office at 154 NW First Ave. New rates would go into effect Oct. 1.