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Canby and Clackamas County continue to push resources forward to attract film and other art projects to the area

Canby is ready to put her best film foot forward but needs help from locals.

The city of Canby and Clackamas County hope to lure movie companies to the area.The city is partnering with Clackamas County on an innovative program that makes it easy to find locations and navigate the permitting process countywide for production companies looking for that “certain something.”

Canby has already come close to landing a role in a couple of films, so it would seem only a matter of time before the silver screen beckons.

“We’ve had a couple nibbles, but they haven’t worked out,” said Renate Mengelberg, economic development director. “We have a lot of great, interesting buildings and scenery here in the Canby area. We’d encourage people to submit photos of scenery or buildings so the location scouts for movies can find us.”

Property owners are encouraged to get their sites and buildings in the online location library. Already featured sites include city parks, Canby Ferry, Three Rivers Farm, Fir Point Farm and the Clackamas County Fairgrounds among many others.

To find out more about the program or promote local site or buildings see: http://www.canbybusiness.com/film_video.htm

“It doesn’t have to be a brand new or beautiful building — it just needs to be interesting and have some character,” Mengelberg said. “That’s what will catch the location people’s eyes.”

The process with the county started in February and the city council approved an ordinance in March completing the process — a process that has streamlined the permitting and fee issues to make it easy for location scouts to not only see properties, but get permits to proceed.

“We’ve been reaching out to property owners to encourage them to participate — take some photos and get them loaded onto the site,” Mengelberg said. “The program makes it very easy for production companies to find locations and deal with one permit.”