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Bank card issue dealt with last week


Columbia Bank says issues affected small percentage of cards

Some former West Coast Bank members reported trouble trying to use their ATM cards for their new Columbia Bank accounts in Canby last week.

But the glitch was found Monday?(Aug. 26) and corrected according to Columbia Bank officials.

Columbia Bank finished the final details of the purchase of West Coast Bank recently, with the consolidated branches taking up residence in the Fred Meyer area. Unfortunately, the transition from one bank to the other met with a little resistance.

“The integration is going smoothly,” said JoAnne Coy, vice president for corporate communications for Columbia Bank out of the Tacoma, Wash. office. “In anything like this, there are going to be some glitches, but we believe they have been addressed.”

Coy said the bank suspected something was up when they saw oddities in ATM card use.

“The numbers looked unusual, so we knew something was going on,” Coy said last week. “As it turned out, 0.21 percent of cards had some sort of struggle with the integration — that’s about 200 cards being impacted. It should be all fixed, but we’re definitely keeping tabs on things.”

While several West Coast Bank customers said their cards didn’t work through last weekend, Coy said the problem was identified Monday morning and taken care of in short order.

Coy said the Columbia Bank has done several of these types of integration efforts before with other acquired properties, but that this integration of West Coast Bank assets and customers is the largest they’ve attempted.

“We’ve been really pleased,” she said. “We work really hard to make it as smooth as possible, so when there’s a problem, we jump on it as soon as we can.”