The world famous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile will be in Canby for three days, two of them at the Clackamas County Fair

The Wienermobile is coming to Canby.

This fan favorite will be parked outside Fred Meyer on Friday, Aug. 16, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile will be in Canby at Fred Meyer's on Friday, then the Clackamas County Fair Saturday and Sunday. Additionally, the Wienermobile wll spend Saturday and Sunday at the Clackamas County Fair. While here, there will be wiener whistles, tours and fun facts about the Wienermobile and the Hotdoggers (the drivers).

The Hotdoggers are a fairly select group of people.

- Fewer than 400 college graduates have held the position of Hotdogger since the Wienermobile hit the road again in 1988.

- They have gone on to work for companies like Disney, NBC, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and top tier publie relations and advertising agencies.

- Only 12 people are chosen each year for the coveted position from hundreds of applicants.

Weinermobile fun fact:


Height: 11 feet.

Length: 27 feet.

Width: 8 feet.

Weight: 14,050 pounds

The Meat:

• Grilled Fiberglass hot dog resting on a lightly toasted fiberglass bun

• Converted Chevrolet – 4 Speed / W4 series chassis

•Engine: V-8, 6.0 liter 300 VORTEC 5700 – runs on high-octane mustard

The Condiments:

• Gull wing door with automatic retractable step

• Hot dog shaped dashboard

• Hotdogger voice activated GPS navigational system

• Ketchup walkway (oops, looks like we spilled some mustard!)

• Condiment splattered carpet

• Computerized control panel with a sound system to relish

• Removable bunroof

• Rear navigational camera

• Blue sky ceiling art

• Six mustard and ketchup colored seats

• Smiling front grill

• Official wiener jingle horn

• Anti-lock brake system

Wienermobile Fun Facts!

• Carl Mayer, nephew of Oscar Mayer, designed the first Oscar Mayer Wienermobile in 1936.

• The Wienerwhistle was developed in 1951. In 1958, kids of all ages found this included in packages of Oscar Mayer Wieners.

• Since the inception of ‘Hotdoggers’ in 1988, fewer than 400 college graduates have held the prestigious position

• Has storage space for 11,000 wienerwhistles

• The Wienermobile vehicle cruises on average 500 miles per week

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