Canby Mayor Brian Hodson sees the same things that city staff see in terms of building and expansion in Canby starting to move into a new gear.

He sees it happening, feels optimistic more is on the way, and is excited that just perhaps, the economy is starting to do the city of Canby some favors.

“I think there are some positive things going on,” Hodson said. “We’ve been working hard to recruit business to Canby. I think Canby is attractive to business.”

“The county is working hard to keep Canby high up on the list when businesses make inquiries, so we’re just seeing a lot of great things firing on all cylinders.”

Further proof of business interest in and around Canby was the recent Adavanced Manufacturing Metals and Machinery summit held in Canby and co-hosted by Clackamas County. The event invited metals and machinery businesses from around the area to sit down and see what they need and what Canby can offer them.

“We had this nice cluster of big employers here that are growing,” Hodson said. “We wanted to find out what their concerns are and how Canby and Clackamas County can help them. “

Additionally, Hodson said that he, Economic Development Director Renate Mengelberg and Chamber of Commerce Director Bev Doolittle have been contacting larger businesses in Canby to see how the city can help support their growth.

“What is their challenge,” Hodson said. “How can we get resources to them.”

One of the top priorities of manufacturers in the area is the ability to hire a skilled workforce. There are jobs out there for those with the requisite skills.

“It has all been very positive,” Hodson said. “Businesses are telling the city to keep doing the things we’re doing, which has included streamlining our processes and the county working to tailor programs to their needs.”

After six years of struggle and little expansion or building, seeing the activity start to resurrect feels like a positive sign to the mayor.

“I’m very optimistic,” he said. “I think Canby is going through another growth spurt. I think we’re starting to see some of that. We’re getting more and more interest in our industrial park and even some retail coming in.

“What we as a council and staff have to tackle is what the next housing piece is going to look like,” he added. “Overall, though, I think there are some great indicators that Canby will be in a great position in the next five to 10 years.”

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