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Fun Ways to Celebrate National Dentist's Day this March 6th!

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NEAL FAMILY DENTAL - Dr. Alan NealCORRECTION: A previous version of this article stated that "a gift for your dentist is also a great way to celebrate National Dentist's Day." As a health care provider, I do not need presents, just an occasional "thanks" or a positive comment. Like most health professionals, I do this because I have a lifelong passion for the profession, not coffee mugs. Even on the longest, most intense day, I still feel satisfaction in providing my patients with the best care possible.

Established as a way to show appreciation and thanks for dentists, National Dentist's Day (March 6th) is a great way to bring awareness to dentistry, showcase your appreciation for your dentist, and encourage people who may have avoided going to the dentist to come in for a checkup (and there are a lot of you out there).

So how can you celebrate National Dentist's Day this year? For starters, if it's been awhile, make sure to schedule a dental checkup to make sure your teeth are healthy and your habits are on the right track. If your dental habits could be better, make a commitment this National Dentist's Day to improving your oral health regimen and proudly showing off your smile.

A good attitude will pay it forward. When asked "How are you doing?" by the guy that's about to gently numb you up, answer with "Excellent!" or "Great!" instead of "Well--I'm HERE!" We live in a great family-oreiented community, tell us about it. We know the dental office is not your everyday-fun-place-to-be, but a positive attitude is refreshing and helps us focus on providing a great experience.

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