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3 Car Tech Trends to Look for in 2017

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GUSTAFSON INSURANCE - Terri GesikThe cars of the future are here! Equipped with tech features aimed at keeping us driving and riding safer, here's a look at a few trends you can expect in 2017:

Backup Cameras—To reduce the risk of backover accidents, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ruled in 2014 that new cars under 10,000 pounds will require rear visibility technology beginning in May 2018. With the full compliance date on the horizon, automakers are already incorporating the equipment into many of this year's models in preparation for the change.

Self-Driving Vehicles—Multiple manufacturers, including Cadillac, Mercedes and Volvo, are testing autonomous, self-driving cars. In August, Tesla founder Elon Musk said his company's self-driving cars "will be here soon," though government regulations are not yet in place. In the meantime, the high-end vehicle's semiautonomous system aims to be 10 times safer than the average American car.

Other Safety Technology—Tech developments are focused on a safer, easier driving experience. For example, some Volvo models will engage brakes automatically and steer the car back into its lane if it senses the vehicle veering off course. And Ford has added pothole protection technology to its Fusion V6 Sport, giving drivers a much smoother ride. The Ford F-Series Super Duty truck will also offer multiple cameras for added protection.

From safety measures like backup cameras to useful additions such as pothole detection, there's plenty of technological development to look for when shopping 2017 vehicles!

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