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TV transition in the 21st Century

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DIRECTLINK - Merry Shepard, Manager, MarketingIn the past 10 years, the biggest impact on the television industry has been the introduction of time-shifting. That is, the ability to rewind, pause and resume a live or recorded broadcast usually through a DVR box. It has allowed us to watch TV on our terms, on our time schedule and completely changed the scope of entertainment consumption. The time-shift phenomenon has been further enhanced by the addition of On Demand content – both online and through cable provider equipment.

The DVR, or video recording capability, has already taken back seat to on demand content. A Morning Consult survey in December 2016 found that 73 percent* of participants indicated that time shifting on demand services are valuable, with 39 percent stating that it is very valuable. Only 7 percent did not find time-shift content to be of value.

Watching on demand content began through cable provider boxes but has quickly grown to viewing wherever, whenever, on multiple platforms. watchTVeverywhere is a great example of how cable providers offer additional online content free for subscribers. Smartphones, Apple TV, Roku devices, tablets and smart TVs have all drastically altered our entertainment consumption, and made "binge watching" an everyday term. 67 percent of those surveyed found multi-platform viewing to be very or somewhat valuable.

With on demand online viewing rising in popularity, and the additional original content now offered by previous pass-through providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV, the next generation of TV could be a hybrid of live and on demand content through multiple platforms. Stay tuned and find out!

*Source NCTA The Internet & Television Association.

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