Volleyball: Canby comes out on top in five set match with Lake Oswego

Volleyball: Canby comes out on top in five set match with Lake Oswego

Undeterred by one fizzled attempt to seal the match, Canby setter Macey Wright went back to the...

Football: Lake Oswego holds off Canby at home

Football: Lake Oswego holds off Canby at home

First down chains shifted like clockwork and punting schematics were mostly left on the cutting...

Boys soccer: The Cougars rise up one man down

Boys soccer: The Cougars rise up one man down

Playing one man down in the second half against West Albany, the Canby boys soccer team’s...

Indians uproot no. 4 ranked North Marion 43-0

Indians uproot no. 4 ranked North Marion 43-0

Molalla claims no. 3 rank among Oregon 4A teams Despite last week’s punishing of the 5A...

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Brought to you by Derrick Mottern - Canby Telcom - COMMUNICATIONS, CONNECTIVITY INsider -

CANBY TELCOM - Derrick MotternThe newly formed summer science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) program for 3rd and 4th graders led by Eccles Elementary teacher, Adam Gingerich, is vital to our community. STEAM was created to not only show young students computer assembly

skills but also to teach them what the technology is used for and how they can potentially impact the world. Allowing youngsters to learn through hands on technical training ensures that we have bright, passionate minds in the future that can apply these skills to just about any industry.

As part of the curriculum STEAM students visited the Canby Telcom facilities. This trip allowed the kids to understand the equipment and dedication it takes to deliver next generation high-speed Internet, Video and Voice to our Members. We were able to show them how computers, networking and programming are applied and used in every facet of our daily lives to deliver these services and they were able to get some insight as to what may be coming next.

CANBY TELCOM - STEAM offers kids hands-on technical training

Our goal at Canby Telcom is to provide industry leading technology for our members and community. We are honored that we were able to sponsor and host such an amazing group of kids. We are passionate about investing in upcoming generations who possess the same hunger we have towards innovative thinking and state of the art, industry leading technology. Our hope is that some will continue down this path and may someday become a part of the Canby Telcom family.

Canby Telcom

190 SE 2nd Ave, Canby, OR 97013

(503) 266-8111


Brought to you by Steve McLaren - McLarens Carpet One - CARPET INSIDER

MCLARENS CARPET ONE - Steve McLarenWow! It’s almost October. Not that long until the festive holiday season.

It does sneak up on us. Before you start thinking about the holiday decorations you’ll be putting up, step back and look around.

Do your rooms need some help before you put up those decorations?

  • Floors looking a bit tired and worn? Could your entry floor use some updating? How about the family room that gets so much use when friends and family gather?
  • What about the windows? When was the last time you updated the window treatments? Are your current window treatments energy efficient to help save on heating and cooling bills?
  • What about your countertops – tired of that old laminate countertop and boring backsplash?
  • You’ve got time to make some changes.

    Since last time you got new flooring, new flooring products have been developed that are perfect for an active family. INNOVIA EXTREME CLEAN carpet, made from natural-based fiber has total clean protection. Beverages, spills, even pet accidents clean up faster and more thoroughly. It will stand up to everything from little feet to big wheels, for years – and it’s on sale right now.

    Timing is perfect for looking into getting new Hunter Douglas energy efficient Duette® Honeycomb Shades. There are rebates going on right now from Hunter Douglas along with a federal tax rebate.

    You’ve got time to spruce up your home before holiday decorations go up. See the professional staff at McLarens Carpet One. They can guide you to the right products for your family and home.

    McLarens Carpet One

    24403 South Hwy 99 E, Canby, OR 97013




    Brought to you by Eric Anderson - Canby Ford - AUTOMOTIVE INSIDER -

    CANBY FORD - Great deals can be yours at Canby Ford!At first glance, the 2017 Ford Fusion looks incredibly similar to the 2016 model. Peak inside, however, and you’ll see Ford has made big improvements to the Fusion’s interior and safety features.

    Inside the 2017 Fusion, a new rotary gear selector replaces the conventional handle shifter, creating a more open and inviting center console. Ford’s updated multimedia system, Sync 3, is now available on every trim but the base S model. Featuring improved usability and responsiveness in addition to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, Sync 3 allows you to seamlessly integrate your new Fusion into the rest of your life.

    When it comes to safety, the 2017 Fusion received the highest ratings possible in all of the IIHS’ categories. Perpendicular and park-out assist have been added to the optional park assist feature, which can already parallel park for drivers. The forward collision warning system with automatic emergency braking has been redesigned to detect pedestrians at low speeds, and lane departure and lane-keeping assist features are also available, making this the safest Fusion Ford has ever built.

    Under the hood, the 2.5L I-4 remains the base engine, but most owners will select from 3 EcoBoost (1.5L, 2.0L, and 2.7L) and 2 hybrid (2.0L, 2.0L Plug-In) engines. The only new engine option is the 2.7L V6 EcoBoost, available exclusively on the Sport model. With more power than anything else in its class, the Fusion Sport is a performance sedan in a midsize sedan’s body.

    To check out the new 2017 Ford Fusion, visit Canby Ford today!

    Canby Ford

    24315 Hwy 99E, Canby, OR 97013

    (503) 266-2097


    Brought to you by Tim Gustafson - Gustafson Insurance - INSURANCE INSIDER -

    GUSTAFSON INSURANCE - Tim GustafsonFor many of us, our home is the most comfortable place to be. We can relax and unwind from a long day and enjoy ourselves however we like. But sometimes we get a little too comfortable and neglect important issues that should be addressed right away. Don't let that happen; avoid these homeowner mistakes:

    Ignoring a Rodent Problem: Mice and other rodents are notorious for chewing the protective sheathing off electrical wires, leaving the underlying heated metal exposed. Unprotected electrical wiring can lead to short circuiting and sparks. By ignoring the problem, you run the risk of a potential house fire.

    Assuming All Repairs Are DIY: You might think you're saving money by tackling your home repairs, but you could be putting yourself in danger or creating a bigger problem. In fact, more than a dozen jobs are flat out illegal to complete on your own. Stay safe and leave the risky projects like HVAC and electrical work to the professionals.

    Overloading Power Strips and Outlets: As we continue to use electronic devices to simplify our lives, we have a greater need for power. But when we overload outlets and power strips with these high-voltage devices, we create hazardous situations. You can help prevent electrical fires by avoiding dangerous overcrowding and choosing strips that include a circuit breaker and an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) seal.

    Gustafson Insurance

    541 NW 2nd Ave, Canby, OR 97013

    (503) 266-2216


    Brought to you by Ron and Barb Raines - Club Fit - FITNESS INSIDER -

    CLUB FIT - FROM LEFT: Ron and Barb RainesSummertime is always the best of what might be: it’s about imagination, fast times, fun events, good food, and even better people. As summer’s warm touch turns to winter’s cold embrace, it’s time to grab a buddy and get back into your workouts after a great summer!

    There’s no better way to hold yourself accountable than to have a friend help you; working out with someone else creates discipline and accountability—plus it’s way more fun!

    Trying a new fitness class is another great way to get back into working out: you get a personal trainer with expertise who will motivate and encourage you while helping to improve your technique and form. At Club Fit, we currently offer the following classes: Boot Camp, Spinning, Body Blast, CORE-Fit, Yoga, and more!

    Fall is also the time for new habits—and new workout gear. If it’s been over a year, pick up a pair of fresh new athletic shoes, particularly if you are a runner. You should also look for new undergarments that keep you cool AND keep moisture away from your body; undergarments are the base of your comfort and are well worth the investment.

    New habits are also worth the investment in your health: Start taking a walk after dinner—it’s the best way to digest your food and helps you to sleep better. And be sure to get outside and play while the weather’s still nice; it’s fun and will burn an amazing amount of calories!

    Club Fit

    365 S Redwood St, Canby, OR 97013

    (503) 266-6166


    Brought to you by Holly Rodway - Canby Builders Supply - KITCHEN INSIDER

    CANBY BUILDERS SUPPLY - Holly RodwayRepurposing and DIY projects are all the rage. What better place to come up with great ideas than a building supply store.

    “In the last two years we’ve seen more women coming to our store for DIY and home décor projects than ever before,” said Holly Rodway, owner of Canby Builders Supply.

    To help with the creative process, Holly pulls in the 11 women who work at CBS and they comb the aisles coming up with new and unusual design projects with their customers.

    This time of year, holiday decor is at the top of the list.

  • Make Christmas trees out of chicken wire, wood scraps or pipe fittings.
  • Take pallet scraps and turn them into table decor, make-up brush holders or urban gardens!
  • Fallen branch scraps can be made into place card holders using a "Fein Tool”.
  • Rust-oleum’s new CHALK PAINT turns scrap molding into a work of art!
  • Have a fun evening with your girlfriends and get outrageous creative ideas for the up-coming holidays.

    Join Holly and her crew for Ladies Night on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 from 6:30-9:00pm.

    Sample wines from Cascade Foothills Winegrowers, see demonstrations of holiday decor ideas and learn how to chalk paint from local expert, Jeana Dahle.

    Bring your shopping list and one of our 26 handsome men will do your shopping!!

    For two hours only, ALL IN STOCK ITEMS will be 20% OFF!! (Special orders not included.)

    At Ladies Night we will also be raising money for ALS research, honoring Holly's dear friend Leila. All raffle money raised will be matched by Canby Builders Supply and donated to the local ALS Association.

    You’re invited to this fun, once a year, women only, community event!

    RSVP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Canby Builders Supply

    102 S. Pine St., Canby, OR.



    Brought to you by Dr. Erin Walker - Canby Clinic - PRIMARY CARE INSIDER -

    CANBY CLINIC - Dr. Erin WalkerIf you experience heartburn, nausea, a bad taste in your mouth or abdominal pain, you may have a condition called GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), or reflux for short. More “silent” symptoms such as a sore throat, chronic cough, excessive throat clearing or difficulty swallowing may also be caused by reflux. These symptoms occur when the liquid in the stomach backs up into the esophagus or even the mouth.

    Conventionally heartburn is treated with acid-blocking medications. However research indicates that long-term use of these medications can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Risk of lung infections, inflammation of the stomach, bone loss and fractures are also increased. While these medications may be important in severe cases, their long term use can contribute to significant health problems.

    At Canby Clinic, the naturopathic physicians work hard to find the cause of reflux, rather than just treating the symptoms. Various causes may be to blame, such as certain foods and food sensitivities, infections, hormonal imbalance and other underlying health conditions. Each person is unique; therefore it is important to have a physician evaluate your case to assess and formulate a treatment that is specific to you.

    If you are interested in more information regarding GERD, and treatments for you, please visit with one of the physicians at Canby Clinic.  To set up an appointment, call (503) 266-7443 or visit us at 452 NW 1st Avenue in Canby.

    Canby Clinic

    452 NW 1st Ave, Canby, OR 97013

    (503) 266-7443


    Brought to you by Dr. Alan Neal - Neal Family Dental - FAMILY DENTISTRY INSIDER -

    NEAL FAMILY DENTAL - Dr. Alan NealFlossing is definitely a hot topic after the Health and Human Services stopped recommending daily flossing in the federal dietary guidelines released in 2015. The gist of things was this: Of the 25 studies provided by the ADA and AAPD, flossing hadn’t been studied intensively, and the studies that were available were of low quality, so the federal government removed their recommendation of daily flossing, since their recommendations are based on scientific evidence.

    For years, brushing and flossing have been a great hygiene team. Taking flossing out of your daily hygiene routine is an unfathomable break-up; it's like taking the J out of PB and J; Batman without Robin; Shake without the Bake.  I think we can agree that separately, they are good; together, they are great--but there are not a lot of studies to show that they are superior together.

    Therefore, I would like to take a moment to break down the arguments against flossing:

    The studies were old: That is like saying we need more studies to show the Earth is round. Some studies are so well established they are considered canon.

    The sample sizes were too small: Studies conducted in the past (1950’s to 1970) had smaller sample sizes.  Also, my personal experience, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD IT IS TO GET PEOPLE TO FLOSS?!

    Additionally, the studies only looked at gum bleeding, NOT cavities, and NOT periodontal disease. Bleeding gums are generally a sign of DISEASE from bacterial growth. Cavities are caused by MANY things, such as sugar consumption, not brushing your teeth, lack of fluoride, and acidic drinks. 

    Here’s why I think that you should floss: When you brush, you only brush about 80% of your teeth, with areas between your teeth harboring bacteria that grow and create an environment for "badder" bacteria, something that can lead to inflammation, gingivitis (bleeding gums), and bone loss (periodontitis).  It is really important to disrupt the bacteria (either with floss or other flossing tools) between the teeth each day to prevent bacteria from causing bad breath, cavities, even tooth loss.

    So keep this great team together and keep flossing! If you have any dental issues or questions, schedule an appointment with Neal Family Dental in Canby today.

    Neal Family Dental

    333 NW 3rd Ave, Canby, OR 97013

    (503) 266-2705


    Brought to you by Dr. Michael Cary - Michael D. Cary, DMD - COSMETIC DENTISTRY INSIDER -

    MICHAEL D. CARY, DMD - Dr. Michael CaryThis question is all the more important during summer months, when we and our kids are out playing football, soccer, and other sports, not to mention climbing trees, setting up tents, and just generally enjoying the outdoors.

    More than 5 million teeth are knocked out each year in the US alone, and many more become loose, chipped, or fractured. Knowing how to prevent damage—and what to do if damage occurs—can mean the difference between losing a tooth and keeping it.

    How to prevent tooth breakage/damage/loss

    1.) Use a mouth guard while playing sports

    2.) Avoid chewing on ice, extremely hard foods, and fingernails

    3.) Never use teeth to open packages, soda cans, beer bottles, etc.

    4.) Get regular dental checkups to ensure there are no problems with any existing crowns, fillings, or other dental work

    5.) Keep teeth strong by avoiding sugary foods, getting enough vitamin D and calcium, and brushing and flossing regularly

    How to prepare yourself for a dental emergency

    Keep an emergency dental kit on hand. In a small plastic box, pack gauze, saline solution, ibuprofen, and the phone number of Dr. Cary’s office 503-266-6855. Keep this kit in a medicine cabinet at home, and don’t forget to bring it with you on family vacations.

    Dr. Cary offers emergency dental health services to all of his patients and to anyone else who needs it. Call anytime, day or night. Any other questions? Please call Dr. Cary’s office 503-266-6855 for more information or to schedule an appointment. Enjoy the rest of the summer, safely!

    Michael D. Cary, DMD

    351 NW 4th Ave, Canby, OR 97013

    (503) 266-6855


    Brought to you by Dr. Alan Neal - Neal Family Dental - FAMILY DENTISTRY INSIDER -

    NEAL FAMILY DENTAL - Dr. Alan NealThe end of summer means it’s time to get back to school. For some, this means heading off to college for the first time. With that in mind, here is some friendly advice about college that I wish I had known as a freshman:

  • Make friends with someone in your dorm that owns a car, you will need a ride for something important later in the year.
  • The four basic food groups are NOT Ramen, Mountain Dew, Pizza, and Cheesy Grillers. A balanced diet will keep your mind and body sharp and ready for the challenges at school.
  • 100/200 level classes can be harder than 300/400 level classes, so keep at it, it gets better and more interesting in your 3rd and 4th years!
  • Sleep is a poor substitute for caffeine. Actually, it’s the other way around but every now and then you need a boost to get all that studying and projects done.
  • Want high grades? Mark every quiz, test, project, paper, and final on a calendar, along with WHAT PERCENTAGE OF YOUR GRADE each is. When you have tests or assignments from different classes with similar due dates, study for the test or complete the assignment that means more to your grade first.
  • Buy a reliable computer and printer. Otherwise, one of them is sure to break down the night before your mid-term paper is due. And have Mom buy a couple extra ink cartridges when she gets you the industrial-sized laundry detergent that will last the whole year
  • Get involved! College is all about trying new things. I was a pre-dental Biology major but I had the chance to be involved with residence life, to DJ for two semesters, to play intramural sports, and to star in several plays.
  • Brush and floss 2x a day for 2 minutes, and if you have any dental issues or questions, visit Neal Family Dental in Canby; we can create a smile that you are happy to show off. Good luck and have fun!
  • Neal Family Dental

    333 NW 3rd Ave, Canby, OR 97013

    (503) 266-2705


    Brought to you by Kristin Hunt - Canby Ford - AUTOMOTIVE INSIDER -

    CANBY FORD - Kristin HuntHave you ever been bait and switched by a rental car company? It’s a terrible feeling; you’ve reserved that perfect vehicle for your weekend getaway, only to have the rental agency tell you that it’s conveniently unavailable upon your arrival.

    At Canby Ford, we realize how frustrating that can be; that’s why our dependable rental department guarantees availability of the car you’ve reserved.

    Our reliable, friendly, and local department offers a wide range of models to suit virtually every rental need. Our 2016 Ford Mustang Convertible is perfect for special occasions like family or high school reunions.

    If you have a car going through repairs in the shop, the Ford Fusion is an excellent commuter vehicle, with good gas mileage and an engine with a bit of a kick to it. Thinking a bit bigger? The Ford F-150 SuperCab is your vehicle for a great weekend spent camping or hunting, and its ample truck bed space makes hauling large items a cinch.

    If you’re headed out on a road trip, the fuel efficient Ford Focus, as well as the 2014 Ford Fiesta are both affordably priced and offer exceptional gas mileage. Going on a trip with A LOT of people? The 15-Passenger 2016 Ford Transit T350 can comfortably transport large groups to sporting events, field trips, and other large group activities.

    With daily rates starting at $23.00 and weekly and weekend rates available, Canby Ford is your rental vehicle destination. Call 503-266-2097 today to make your reservation!

    Canby Ford

    24315 Hwy 99E, Canby, OR 97013

    (503) 266-2097


    Brought to you by Jan Fleming - Canby Builders Supply - KITCHEN INSIDER

    CANBY BUILDERS SUPPLY - Jan FlemingYour kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we celebrate and debate, where the warm embrace of love and caring is felt, and where meals turn into moments.

    Holiday dinners and parties are just around the corner. If you’ve been thinking about updating, upgrading, or remodeling your kitchen, don’t keep putting it off; there’s still time to have your kitchen remodeled before the holidays! If you want to impress your family and friends, to create a new home environment that you love, or if you are looking to add value to your home before selling it, a quality kitchen is important.

    By upgrading your kitchen, you’re doing both yourself and your home a favor. A quality kitchen remodel will easily add value to your home. According to the Cost vs. Value 2016 report, a kitchen remodel can add anywhere from $15,000 to $70,000 in resale value depending on the upgrades made.

    Make September the month to get the kitchen you’ve always wanted with the 5-15% savings promotions on Medallion Cabinetry at Canby Builders Supply.

    Go see Jan, Canby Builders Supply Kitchen Insider Expert, for help with your dream kitchen and budget into reality.

    Canby Builders Supply

    102 S. Pine St., Canby, OR.



    Canby's Sports

    September 28, 2016

    Girls soccer: Canby makes strides in games against West Salem…

    by Corey Buchanan
    Though the Cougars’ girls soccer team lost to West Salem 3-2 Tuesday, Sept. 20, their mood was perkier than when they lost to Westview the Thursday prior. This time they felt satisfied with…
    September 28, 2016

    Cross-country: Cougars face Tigers and Timberwolves

    by Corey Buchanan
    The Canby boys and girls cross-country teams raced against Tualatin and Newberg, Wednesday, Sept. 21 at Tualatin High School The Canby boys tied Newberg 28-28 and lost to Tualatin 37-22 while…
    TIMES PHOTO: DAN BROOD - Tigard junior Jake Leavitt puts his arms in the air after sophomore Spencer Smith scored a touchdown in the 51-21 win over Newberg.
    September 26, 2016

    Friday's top five: A look back at the five biggest high school…

    by Miles Vance
    Friday's fourth week of the 2016 high school football season just about had it all. Big hits? Check. Huge offensive outburts? Oh yeah. Momentum-swinging plays? Plenty. And with all that going on…

    TIMES PHOTO: MILES VANCE - Westview's Hayden Kamakaala dives in to score a touchdown in his team's 48-22 win over Century at Westview High School on Friday.
    September 24, 2016

    Week Four high school football scores are here

    by Miles Vance
    One step farther. Another step better. The 2016 Oregon High School football season edged closer to its midway point in Week Four, Friday night's docket including 28 games at the Class 6A level,…
    TIMES PHOTO: DAN BROOD - Newberg senior quarterback Anthony Adams breaks into the clear during Friday's game at Tigard.
    September 24, 2016

    Check out our best photos from Week Four of the 2016 high school…

    by Miles Vance
    The best teams. The biggest plays. The most coverage. Week Four of the 2016 Oregon high school football season was big-time And with all that going on, you just know that all of Pamplin Media…
    PMG PHOTO: MILES VANCE - Century quarterback Kyle Chimienti and the Jaguars will go after their third straight win tonight when they visit unbeaten Westview at 7 p.m. in Metro League play.
    September 23, 2016

    High school football rolls into Week Four of the 2016 season

    by Miles Vance
    One, two — one, two, three, four. The 2016 high school football season has got it — rhythm, heart, action and drive. You'll see all that and more tonight when the state's high school teams hit…
    September 16, 2016

    High school football rolls into Week Three of the 2016 season

    by Miles Vance
    It's on. Week Three of the 2016 high school football season marks the start of league play for most of the state's Class 6A leagues, and with it, the beginning of the march to the 2016 state…
    September 22, 2016

    Volleyball: The Cougars navigate tiring stretch

    by Corey Buchanan
    There was no rest for the weary Cougars early last week. After completing a tournament at Canby High School the weekend of Sept. 10-11, the Cougars returned to organized competition Monday,…
    September 22, 2016

    Cross-country: The Canby boys team defeats foes in first Three…

    by Corey Buchanan
    The Canby boys cross-country team won its first Three Rivers League meet of the season Wednesday, Sept. 14 at Molalla River State Park while the girls team placed third. Buoyed by its top three…
    September 22, 2016

    Boys soccer: Canby captures first two wins of the season

    by Corey Buchanan
    With the score tied 2-2 in the second half against Reynolds, Canby boys soccer head coach and boxing and UFC aficionado Ivan Munoz recited a fighting metaphor to inspire his players. The team…

    Don't miss the local news

    REVIEW PHOTO: JIM BESEDA - Clackamas quarterback Mitchell Modjeski escapes a tackle by a Reynolds defender during his team's 43-20 victory at Clackamas High School on Friday night.
    Sep 19, 2016

    Friday's top five: A look back at the five biggest high school…

    by Miles Vance
    On almost every football field in the metropolitan area, the answer was as simple as "A-B-C." A-B-C as in "Another big contest." And with all the big contests going on Friday night — it was Week…
    SUBMITTED PHOTO: SETH GORDON - Canby running back Kendle Boykin rushed for 36 yards and one touchdown against Newberg.
    Sep 17, 2016

    Football: Canby nearly comes from behind to defeat Newberg

    by Seth Gordon
    Leading Canby 26-9 late in the third quarter, the Newberg football team was poised to score and put the contest to bed. Unfortunately for the Tigers, the Cougars made it a little more…
    PMG PHOTO: MILES VANCE - Century quarterback Kyle Chimienti throws a pass during his team's 30-21 win over Sunset at Hillsboro Stadium on Friday.
    Sep 16, 2016

    Week Three high school football scores are here

    by Miles Vance
    Third time's the charm. That certainly was the case in Friday's night's third week of the 2016 Oregon high school football season. While none of tonight's games were necessarily "charming," a…
    REVIEW PHOTO: JIM BESEDA - Clackamas' Jacob Mcgreevy turns upfield during his team's 43-20 win over Reynolds at Clackamas High School on Friday night.
    Sep 16, 2016

    Check out our best photos from Week Three of the 2016 high…

    by Miles Vance
    Now that was worth the wait. In this case, "that" meant the third week of the 2016 Oregon high school football season. And why was it worth it? Because there were big games everywhere you…
    HERALD PHOTO: COREY BUCHANAN - Canby junior Abby Ragain swiftly moves away from the Westview defense.
    Sep 15, 2016

    Girls soccer: The Cougars fall to Westview in play-in game…

    by Corey Buchanan
    With the game seconds from expiring, Canby sophomore Madison Miller towered a shot from outside the box over the keeper’s head and into the goal. At most higher levels of soccer, in which games…
    SETH GORDON - Senior running back Fernando Dela Cerda throws a stiff arm during St. Pauls's 44-28 home victory over Toledo Friday night at the St. Paul Rodeo Grounds. Dela Cerda racked up 193 yards rushing and two scores on 15 carries.
    Sep 17, 2016

    St. Paul runs roughshod over Toledo

    by Seth Gordon
    The Buckaroos race to a 42-7 halftime lead, coast to 44-28 victory ST. PAUL —When visiting Toledo scored on its second possession of the night to pull within 14-7, it looked like St. Paul might…
    SETH GORDON - Newberg senior running back Michael Tarakhchyan cuts upfield during the Tigers' 26-22 win over Canby Friday night at Loran Douglas Field.
    Sep 17, 2016

    Newberg hangs on to clip Canby

    by Seth Gordon
    The Tigers survive two fourth-quarter turnovers to down the Cougars 26-22 Leading Canby 26-9 late in the third quarter, the Newberg football team was poised to score and put the contest to bed.…
    Sep 14, 2016

    Girls soccer: Canby responds after rough start

    by Corey Buchanan
    The Canby girls soccer team fell behind two goals within the first ten minutes of the game against Oregon City Thursday, Sept. 8 and lost 2-1. But the team settled down after the shaky start. “I…
    Sep 14, 2016

    Boys soccer: Canby drops game to Century

    by Corey Buchanan
    The Canby boys soccer team lost to Century 8-2 Thursday, Sept. 9 and fell to 0-2 on the season. “Yesterday’s game was very difficult. We faced one of the best generations that Century High…
    TIMES PHOTO: MILES VANCE - Jesuit's Demetrius Douglas battles Central Catholic's Jared Reed during the Crusaders' 56-19 blowout win over Central Catholic at Jesuit High School on Friday night.
    Sep 15, 2016

    Friday's top five: A look back at the five biggest high school…

    by Miles Vance
    Friday night could not have been better. The weather was picture perfect for early September, the Week Two lineup of the 2016 high school football season was stacked with big games, and Pamplin…