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Brought to you by Ron and Barb Raines - Club Fit - FITNESS INSIDER -

Ron and Barb Raines, Club Fit Ron and Barb Raines are proud to have made Club Fit a second home for student-athletes, families and seniors, with programs and equipment designed to meet the needs of everyone.

The gym offers self-access and extended hours for evenings and early mornings. It’s the only full-service health club for seniors in a 15-mile radius, and North Lake Physical Therapy provides recovery and rejuvenation sessions on site.

Certified personal trainers lead a variety of classes, including spin, suspension training and an innovative program the Raines call Core Fit, which is designed for competitive athletes, triathletes, students and weekend warriors.

As INSIDERS, the Raines are known for facility and equipment as awesome and spotless as their record.

“For memberships, we give people options. Customers know what they buy, and they know that they’re happy when they buy.” Barb Raines says. “We really want people to trust us, because we’re not a big box, and we pride ourselves on not making mistakes.”

For them, the goal is not just to sell something, but to fill the customer’s needs.

The Raines pride themselves in providing sponsorships to kids in the community.

“We do things like the football field sideline signs, fence signs, the turf field, the 3-on-3 tourney, really just about everything,” Barb Raines explains.

Whether it’s discounted pricing for their training or help fundraising, they’ll make something happen.

Ron and Barb are members of the Canby Chamber of Commerce and participate in other local services such as the Kiwanis, Rotary and many Clackamas County charities.

Club Fit

365 S Redwood St, Canby, OR 97013

(503) 266-6166


Brought to you by Canby Telcom - Canby Telcom - COMMUNICATIONS AND CONNECTIVITY INSIDER -

CANBY TELCOM - StaffSteeped in tradition

Canby Telcom is deeply rooted in the Canby community. It started in 1904 as Macksburg Mutual Telephone Association, a cooperative company where local residents helped each other build their own telephone system because the Bell system would not venture into what they called “rural areas.”

The company became the Canby Cooperative Association in 1906. In 1913, there were 278 customers, in 1950 there were 1,116, and today the cooperative has over 7,000 members.

In 1940, the name changed again to Canby Telephone Association. They entered the Internet business in 1995 and added television services in 2005. In 2006, the company changed its working name to Canby Telcom to better reflect its expanding product lines. But the innovation did not stop there. The company developed EZVideo in 2013—the first app in the nation that delivers live, local broadcast channels. This product won the company the national Telco Vision Service Provider of the Year Award.

Fastest in Canby and most of Oregon

The company has invested millions in ensuring future high-speed Internet connections for Canby businesses and residents through certified fiber optic technology. It plans to have 100 percent fiber optic coverage to all 84-square miles in their service area by 2020—that is the same footprint as Seattle!

This forward-thinking strategy resulted in the company being one of the first in Oregon to launch one gigabit high-speed Internet (1,000 Mbps). It also was a key factor in the company being selected as the sole host for the National 2015 Gimme Fiber Day event.

We live here. We work here. We play and volunteer here.

Canby Telcom has a strong tradition of supporting community needs. They participate in many local events and provide financial, strategic and volunteer support for civic, educational, non-profit and business initiatives in the community. Their employees have volunteered over 300 hours at Canby-based nonprofits and causes since 2011. The company hosts a free community webpage, www.canby.com, and their social media feeds on Facebook and Twitter also help to promote events, organizations and causes in the area. Visit www.canbytel.com/about for a list of those who have recently benefitted from contributions, time or materials.

Canby Telcom

190 SE 2nd Ave, Canby, OR

97013 (503) 266-8111


Brought to you by Dr. Alan Neal - Neal Family Dental - DENTAL INSIDER -

NEAL FAMILY DENTAL - Dr. Alan NealDr. Alan Neal’s promise to his patients is simple: gentle procedures, friendly service, personal integrity and technical innovation, all at an affordable price. And judging by recent feedback left at Neal Family Dental, where the common theme is “thorough,” “professional” and “fantastic” service, Dr. Neal and his staff are exceeding his goals. With a focus on endodontics, implants, sleep medicine, adult orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, dental emergencies, dental public health, TMJ and myo-facial management, and extractions and dentures, Dr. Neal is an INSIDER and expert in dental care.

An Astoria native, Dr. Neal earned a Bachelor’s in biology from Eastern Oregon University before attending the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine through a United States Air Force Health Professions Scholarship. He also graduated from an Air Force Advanced Education General Dentistry residency program and attained a fellowship at the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), which involves 500 hours of continuing education and a test. The fellowship is awarded to just 2 percent of all dentists.

Dr. Neal is currently pursuing a Mastership from the AGD, which requires 1,100 hours of continuing education, including 400 hours of hands-on participation courses. “I hope to be my patient’s local, hometown dentist who can answer any question concerning their teeth and smiles,” Dr. Neal explains. “It has always been my ultimate professional goal to own a dental office and grow my clinical skills to provide the latest quality of care.”

Dr. Neal served in the Air Force for nine years. He was promoted to the rank of major and received two Air Force Commendation medals, as well as the Air Force Meritorious Service Medal.

Neal Family Dental

333 NW 3rd Ave, Canby, OR 97013

(503) 266-2705


Brought to you by Dr. Erin Walker - Canby Clinic - MEDICAL INSIDER -

CANBY CLINIC - Dr. Erin WalkerThe doctors at Canby Clinic are primary care physicians, and have extensive knowledge of all aspects of family health and wellness. They are able to treat numerous conditions, from joint pain and digestive disorders to hypertension and diabetes. They can perform annual physical exams and prescribe pharmaceutical medication.

Naturopathy is a distinct type of medicine that blends age-old healing traditions with scientific advances and current research. Viewing natural remedies as both complementary and primary, our doctors will use a combination of herbal therapies, nutrients, and lifestyle changes to support the healing processes of the body. These methods often have fewer side effects and support your body’s natural healing power, so you don’t have to remain on supplements or prescription drugs long term.

Canby Clinic was established on July 1, 2010. When the clinic first began, it was designed as a country clinic. Dr. Erin Walker wanted to serve the rural community outside of Canby, OR. As the clinic grew, it required a larger building and moved into the current location on June 1, 2012.

Dr. Erin Walker is joined at Canby Clinic by Dr. Jennifer Tuttle and Dr. Robert Neilson. All three physicians graduated with a doctorate from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Robert Neilson is also a licensed acupuncturist.

The doctors and staff of Canby Clinic are dedicated to looking for new ways to assist you in your quest to optimize your health, and working with you to come up with a personal plan to improve your well-being.

Canby Clinic

452 NW 1st Avenue, Canby, OR 97013



Brought to you by Dr. Michael Cary - Michael D. Cary DMD - DENTAL INSIDER -

MICHAEL D. CARY DMD - Dr. Michael CaryTen dentists all within a five-mile radius. Which one do you choose? Let us tell you about a true INSIDER in the dental industry.

With 22 years of experience, Dr. Michael Cary strives to provide his patients with the best service possible. “Education is vital to me,” he explains, “dental technology is constantly evolving and I continue to keep up with boundless changes that will best benefit my patients.”

After spending his undergrad years at Willamette University, Dr. Cary graduated from the Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry. Since then, he continues to educate himself, participating in C.O.R.E., a Comprehensive Orognathic Restorative Excellence dental study group. This group includes industry leaders whom volunteer their time, knowledge and skills to stay ahead of the latest trends on oral and dental health.

This trustworthy dentist offers long-term care for the entire family. Practicing early childhood care with an emphasis on regular cleanings, to the adolescent years of orthodontic and orthotropic needs. He offers teeth whitening and provides cosmetic dentistry services, as well as being AAID credentialed to complete implants and provide the best oral care of all ages.

Dr. Cary and his team can do it all. “I consider my patients to be a part of our family and we strive to provide every patient with a lifetime of dental health and oral care,” Dr. Cary explains.

He has the knowledge and experience, but what makes him the best is his persistence and passion to keep his patient’s smile healthy.

Dr. Michael D. Cary, DMD

351 NW 4th Ave, Canby, OR 97013

(503) 266-6844


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