Lone Elder Pizza celebrates 40th anniversary

Lone Elder Pizza celebrates 40th anniversary

The pizzeria originally opened its doors in 1976, and uses the same family recipe created by the...

Local children's efforts to help police takes a dark turn

Local children's efforts to help police takes a dark turn

The Hayes' family children wanted to show police across the nation that they cared, but...

Go 'Mon, Go

Go 'Mon, Go

Canby has not been immune to the Pokemon Go craze that literally is sweeping the world right now....

Canby Utility increases rates again

Canby Utility increases rates again

Canby residents told the board the increase is not enough The Canby Utility Board of Directors...

Library packing up in anticipation of moving into new digs this August

Library packing up in anticipation of moving into new digs this August

Many Canby residents know the city has been constructing a new library-civic building during the...

Historical perspective

Historical perspective

Canby's first heritage trail will be unveiled the evening of Aug. 5 at the gazebo. The Canby...

Spoon throws her hat in council race

Spoon throws her hat in council race

A 30-year resident of Canby, Spoon said she's inspired to run because the current city council...

Tunes still on in Aurora

Tunes still on in Aurora

Aurora Concerts in the Park series has two more musical acts to go Aurora Concerts in the Park...

Slice as nice

Slice as nice

This year's Canby Slice of Summer will finish with a flourish. Canby's Slice of Summer music...

What if it happened here?

What if it happened here?

Canby fire and police departments have played out the scenario of a downtown train derailment On...

Canby Frack Burger closes

Canby Frack Burger closes

Former employees reveal telling information about owner James Frackowiak's business practices....

City passes 'hate message' resolution

City passes 'hate message' resolution

Prompted by backlash from displays of the Confederate flag during recent parade, the city sends a...

Opening the doors at NWREC

Opening the doors at NWREC

Having been on hand once, Gladys and Gerald Bayliss simply had to come again. It just took a...

City loses DEQ appeal, fined $9,800 on testing

City loses DEQ appeal, fined $9,800 on testing

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) denied the city of Canby’s appeal of a...

Canby woman arrested for embezzlement

Canby woman arrested for embezzlement

A Canby woman was arrested on June 28 and charged with a 29-count indictment for embezzling...

North Marion participates in Cascadia Rising event with evacuation, reunification drill

North Marion participates in Cascadia Rising event with evacuation, reunification drill

What would happen if an 8.2 magnitude earthquake hit the Northwest? That's what North Marion...

Sherwood releases $26.1 million proposed budget

Sherwood releases $26.1 million proposed budget

Total 2016-17 fiscal year budget 7.9 percent less than current year The city of Sherwood...

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Brought to you by James Rydmark - Canby Builders Supply - HARDWARE SUPPLY INSIDER -

CANBY BUILDERS SUPPLY - James RydmarkClose your eyes, picture this:

It is a nice summer day, you step out onto your beautiful cedar deck. You feel the warm wood beneath your bare feet and smell the wonderful scent from the deck. Then you smile, knowing you made the right choice in choosing cedar for the new deck and fence.

Why cedar?

  • Cedar is an excellent option for year-round use because it is durable and withstands our Pacific Northwest weather. It won’t shrink even when exposed to all the rain.
  • Because of the natural preservatives, cedar is resistant to decay and damage from insects.
  • Cedar is a renewable and biodegradable resource so the environment benefits, too.
  • Most of all, the investment was worth it. The cedar deck will last for decades. And, with minimal maintenance, using a quality product like Penofin, you’ll have more time to enjoy the deck with friends and family instead of maintaining it.
  • Canby Builders Supply has old growth, kiln-dried, tight knot, Canadian cedar ready for your new deck or fence. James, CBS Insider Expert, will help you plan and design your new deck, and even help you find an installer.

    Come see him today, he’ll be happy to answer questions and help you.

    Canby Builders Supply

    102 S. Pine St., Canby



    Brought to you by Steve McLaren - McLaren's Carpet One - FLOORING INSIDER -

    MCLARENS CARPET ONE - Steve McLarenAs we celebrate our independence on July 4th let’s stop and remember those brave men and women who have fought, and are fighting, to protect that freedom.

    Many soldiers are returning home with catastrophic injuries. Through Building for America’s Bravest, a program of the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, Smart Homes are being built for these injured service people. Each home is custom designed to address the unique need of the individual.

    Using “adaptive technology” these homes are energy efficient, automated and easily accessible to help the most severely injured heroes live better, more independent lives.

    But as amazing as adaptive home technology is, it's far beyond the reach of most veterans and their modest pensions. The waiting list for these homes is long and for every home built, another three veterans join the list.

    These service men and women made extraordinary sacrifices in our place. When the call came, they answered. They made sacrifices for us.

    Carpet One Floor & Home, is a proud to partner with Building For America’s Bravest™ . Our organization is committed to installing flooring in all the homes scheduled to be built through 2016, giving them a home they can come home to.

    If you’d like to learn more about this project and how you can help, visit Building for America’s Bravest at carpetone.com/our-bravest. Or, stop by McLarens Carpet One Flooring & Home to make a donation.

    McLarens Carpet One

    24403 So. Hwy 99E, Canby



    CCB# 30325

    Brought to you by Eric Anderson - Canby Ford - AUTOMOTIVE INSIDER -

    CANBY FORD - Great deals can be yours at Canby Ford!Whether you are an outdoor adventurer or an urban explorer, the return of summer means it’s time to get back out there and discover what you’ve been missing. The newly redesigned 2017 Ford Escape, with its fuel-efficient engine, stylish body, and seamlessly integrated tech features, is the perfect vehicle for your perfect summer!

    Offering up to 30 highway miles per gallon (MPG), the 1.5 Liter (L) EcoBoost engine features Auto Start-Stop technology to help save fuel and limit emissions. Looking for a little more punch in your driving? The 2.0L Twin-Scroll EcoBoost boasts 245 Horsepower while still giving you a combined 25 MPG, a seamless blend of power and fuel-efficiency.

    The Escape is not only powerful and efficient, but stylish as well, offering tons of customizable features. The foot-operated lift gate makes trunk access a breeze, and available technology can alert you to lane drift, point out vehicles in your blind spot, and alert you to potential collisions with the vehicle ahead of you.

    Perhaps best of all, the available Enhanced Active Park Assist feature helps you say goodbye to parking anxiety. The Parallel Parking and Reverse Perpendicular Parking modes ensure your Escape can fit into a space, then help steer your Escape into the spot.

    The 2017 Ford Escape is available now at Canby Ford, visit today to learn more and check it out.

    Canby Ford

    24315 Hwy 99E, Canby, OR 97013

    (503) 266-2097


    Brought to you by Dr. Michael Cary - Michael D. Cary, DMD - COSMETIC DENTISTRY INSIDER -

    MICHAEL D. CARY, DMD - Dr. Michael CaryAs you know, women are more likely to take better care of their overall health, while men often adopt the “tough guy” act. An article sponsored by the Academy of General Dentistry on knowyourhealth.com discusses why oral health is important for all men.

    For instance, oral health has been linked with longevity. Men are less likely to seek preventive care and tend to neglect their oral health for years, only visiting the dentist when an issue arises or there is a dental emergency.

    The average man brushes his teeth 1.9 times a day and can lose up to 5.4 teeth by the age of 72. If there is tobacco involved in a man’s health, he can lose up to 12 teeth by the age of 72. It’s essential that men put aside their “tough guy” image and visit the dentist, as they are more likely to develop oral and throat cancer and periodontal (gum) disease.

    “It’s important to take care of your general health as well as dental and oral health. We want to provide our patients with the best oral care possible,” Dr. Cary explains.

    To all the men out there, take care of your teeth. If you play sports at any age, wear a mouth guard. If you use tobacco, it’s important for you to visit the dentist regularly. Make sure to visit Dr. Cary twice a year for regular checkups.

    Michael D. Cary, DMD

    351 NW 4th Ave, Canby, OR 97013

    (503) 266-6855


    Brought to you by Ron and Barb Raines - Club Fit - FITNESS INSIDER -

    CLUB FIT - FROM LEFT: Ron and Barb RainesWhether you’re an outdoor enthusiast (or just looking for a change of scenery), there’s nothing quite like outdoor exercise. But forgetting the basics can leave you disappointed and discouraged. Read on for five tips to get your outdoor fitness routine right.

    Grab the gear. Having the right outdoor gear will protect you from falls, accidents, inclement weather and dehydration. Wearing sensible shoes is an obvious must-do, but I recommend throwing a lightweight jacket and baseball hat in your pack as well.

    Don’t wait for water. Did you know it takes two to four hours for water to completely cycle through your tissues? I recommend drinking at least 30 ounces before you’re out the door, then sipping on another 16 ounces during your workout.

    Pack some snacks. Don’t confuse exercise with starvation. Healthy snacks can provide that little boost that keeps you from quitting. The best workout snacks are salty high-protein nibblers and water-laden fruits and veggies, including nuts, seeds, jerky, apples, carrots and crackers. They pack well too!

    Slap on sunscreen. Don’t turn your healthy behavior into a health risk! Not only does sunburn cause skin cancer, but it can sap your energy, leaving you feeling beat and bushed.

    Defeat the heat. Don’t wait until midday to start your workout—it’s already too hot. Instead, start early and beat the crowds. I also recommend forgoing coffee before a big workout (but don’t skip that morning meal too)!

    Club Fit

    365 S Redwood St, Canby, OR 97013

    (503) 266-6166


    Brought to you by Merry Shepard - Canby Telcom - VOICE, HIGH SPEED INTERNET, VIDEO INSIDER -

    CANBY TELCOM - Merry Shepard watchTVeverywhere services provide online access to top rated shows, broadcasts and movies from several TV channels and networks over a high-speed Internet connection. Most pay TV providers already offer some kind of “everywhere” service. Users can watch available content ‘OnDemand’ within their subscribed TV tier on a number of devices – tablets, smartphones, or third party streaming media players. It is an easy way to catch up on a favorite series during down time while on the go – a break at work, on vacation or mass transit commuting.

    Research indicates the number of Americans enjoying favorite TV episodes ‘on demand’ and ‘on the go’ is expected to soar. 23% of US pay-TV subscribers already watch television content on smartphones, connected TVs, and tablet devices at least once per month. That number is expected to grow to 70% of subscribers by the end of 2017.

    The big push toward streaming content online started when Netflix began to offer streaming content in addition to its DVD postal mail service. Roku, Apple, and Amazon followed with their own streaming media players that connect the Internet directly to a TV, with content found through various “apps.” One by one, TV networks began to offer online content, both free and authenticated through local providers.

    Canby Telcom offers watchTVeverywhere content for nearly 80 different cable television channels. Access to these shows, movies and more is free for their Digital TV subscribers. They also have a Roku app that delivers live, local broadcast channels over a high-speed Internet connection. Learn more about both services at www.canbytel.com/television.

    Canby Telcom

    190 SE 2nd Ave, Canby, OR 97013

    (503) 266-8111


    Brought to you by Robert Neilson, ND - Canby Clinic - PRIMARY CARE INSIDER -

    CANBY CLINIC - Dr. Robert NeilsonNow that we have all tasted this summer’s heat, it’s time to prepare for heat exposure and to know how to treat heat-related illness. Everyone wants to be out by the pool or the river when it’s hot, but it’s not always possible. There is always some chore that needs to get done outside, on the hottest day of the year. Good thing that nature provides tools to cool down!

    Food is medicine, and simple diet changes can make the heat quite tolerable. Emphasize eating raw fruits and vegetables including, apples, watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, lemon, cucumber, lettuce, summer squash, and zucchini. Stay cool by drinking herbal tea made from peppermint, chrysanthemum, or chamomile. There are opposing foods that have a warming effect, and will make you feel worse during the summer heat. You will stay cooler by limiting these foods including, fatty meats, alcohol, coffee, strong spices, and fried foods.

    Overexposure to extreme heat can be very damaging, and can result in dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Symptoms of heat exhaustion include excessive sweating, headache, fatigue, and dark-colored urine. Heat stroke, a life-threatening emergency, includes symptoms of dry, hot skin, seizures, altered mental status, muscle cramps, nausea, and vomiting. The key to treating heat-related illness is to cool down by resting in a cool environment, hydrating, and immersing in cool water.

    If you are interested in additional ways to stay cool this summer, or have suffered from a heat-related illness, stop by the Canby Clinic to meet with one of the physicians. For an individualized assessment, call us at 503-266-7443 or visit us at 452 NW 1st Avenue in Canby.

    Canby Clinic

    452 NW 1st Ave, Canby, OR 97013

    (503) 266-7443


    Brought to you by Dr. Alan Neal - Neal Family Dental - FAMILY DENTISTRY INSIDER -

    NEAL FAMILY DENTAL - Dr. Alan NealIf you’re an adult with less than perfect teeth, there may be some aspect of your smile that catches your eye. This can include: spaces between your teeth, crowding, rotated teeth and/or teeth that stick out. If you notice any of these aspects of your smile, you might want to consider a limited adult braces treatment. Today, I’d like to tell you about the product I recommend, and the one my patients prefer: Six Month Smiles (SMS).

    Here’s what makes SMS one of the best products on the market.

    They work faster. It says it right there in the name: Average treatment time for SMS is just six months. Clear aligners (like Invisalign) take two to three years to really work—and in some cases you may need braces for 3 or 4 months anyway to finalize movement. The longest I’ve seen a patient wear Six Month Smiles’ product is twelve months.

    They work better. SMS uses a newer wire made of nickel titanium. This wire provides gentle, constant pressure and does not require wire bending, therefore the focus is on tooth movement and there is less discomfort during treatment. I have done more comprehensive braces cases under the supervision of our clinic orthodontist, and most of the tooth straightening occurs in the first four to six months of treatment. Comprehensive braces treatment is usually 18 to 30 months and usually involves correcting the bite. In contrast, SMS focuses on the teeth people can actually see when you smile. It doesn’t realign your bite, but it's perfect for adults with relapsing crooked teeth (someone forgot to wear their retainer!) or who need minor corrections to get their teeth in position for other dental work (veneers, bridges, implants, etc.).

    They’re nearly invisible. Six Month Smiles uses clear braces, tooth-colored wires and clear elastics, making the product essentially invisible. Adults (like kids) tend to be a little shy about undergoing dental work, and SMS is by far the least noticeable option. I’ve actually had patients tell me they were disappointed that their friends DIDN’T notice their braces.

    Neal Family Dental

    333 NW 3rd Ave, Canby, OR 97013

    (503) 266-2705


    Brought to you by Tim Gustafson - Gustafson Insurance - INSURANCE INSIDER -

    GUSTAFSON INSURANCE - Tim GustafsonDo you have a renters insurance policy? Thirty-seven percent do! Whether your rental agreement requires it, this type of policy can provide peace of mind. But do you fully understand what the policy covers? Here's a breakdown of a few important points.

    Replacement cost or actual cost? There are two choices when it comes to how renters insurance values your belongings. Replacement cost determines the amount paid out for a claim based on the present-day cost of buying the same item. Other policies use actual cash value, which takes into account depreciation due to normal wear and tear. This type of coverage will pay out less.

    Deductibles. A deductible is an out-of-pocket amount a policyholder is responsible for when a claim is filed. In general, the higher the deductible, the lower the monthly insurance premium. The insurance company handles the remaining cost.

    Discounts. Most insurance companies offer discounts if you bundle renters insurance with other policies, like auto insurance. Safety equipment, like fire alarms and security systems, may result in a reduced rate. Age, good credit and a claim-free history are also factors.

    Liability protection. Most renters insurance policies include some degree of liability coverage, which helps protect the policyholder from out-of-pocket expenses if an individual is injured in your home. For renters who want extra protection, a personal umbrella policy may be worth looking into. It can provide further liability coverage beyond the limits of regular policies.

    Gustafson Insurance

    541 NW 2nd Ave, Canby, OR 97013

    (503) 266-2216


    Brought to you by Jonathan Crane, Integrity Staffing - Staffing INSIDER

    Jonathan Crane, Integrity StaffingWhat makes Integrity Staffing different?

    “We have one location, Tualatin, and we’ve been here 16 years,” says Jonathan Crane, president. “We’re locally owned and operated. Our focus is our client’s needs, not our own expansion.”

    Integrity is a full-service staffing agency, providing labor for local businesses and placement for potential employees.

    “We do all kinds of placements,” said Crane. “Metal Fabrication, Light Industrial Production, Administrative, IT, Management and more. We have some high-end, sophisticated administrative and executive positions we fill, along with production jobs for local manufacturing and light industrial companies.”

    Integrity helps companies refine their search by presenting viable candidates for consideration with their eight-employee office focusing on Southwest Portland, Tualatin, Canby, Wilsonville and Sherwood.

    “In this market, with incredibly low unemployment, it’s hard to find good-quality people” says Crane. “We offer an excellent means to find those people.”

    Candidates are typically temp-to-hire for 90 days, during which they are employees of Integrity Staffing.

    Employers like to see performance over time. “The normal employer burdens of hiring someone new are filled by us,” added Crane, “Plus, the employer gets to see the candidate’s performance over time. Any candidate can interview well, but how are their work habits?”

    Integrity Staffing not only helps clients find candidates, they also help job-seekers improve resumes and practice interview skills to better their chances of success.

    Crane said that most staffing agencies are corporate and have multiple locations, so recruiting efforts can run thin.

    “We have a fantastic recruiting team with low turnover,” he added. “We visit the workplace and get to know the companies. Ninety percent of a good fit is understanding corporate culture, not skills, so we make the extra effort to get it right.”

    Integrity Staffing

    18725 SW Boones Ferry Rd.

    Tualatin, OR 97062



    Brought to you by Steve McLaren - McLarens Carpet One - CARPET INSIDER -

    MCLARENS CARPET ONE - Steve McLarenThe best cure for a spill is a speedy response. If a spill becomes a stain, it will be much more difficult to remove. Here are some tips for carpet stain removal.

    There are three important steps that you must use in carpet stain removal, hopefully before it has a chance to set in your carpet:

    Apply: Dampen a clean, white (not printed) paper towel with a cleaning solution. Then moisten the carpet with it. Avoid thoroughly wetting the carpet, as this can damage the carpet and backing.

    Blot: Absorb the excess liquid from the carpet by pressing straight down with a clean, dry, white paper towel. Do not rub. Place a half-inch thick pad of clean, dry, white paper towels with a weight on top and leave overnight if necessary.

    Scrape: Gently scratch the soiled area with the blunt edge of a spoon. Scrape from the outside edge of the spot toward the center.

    For stain removal advice, from asphalt to the unknown, go to Carpet One’s Stain Removal Chart at carpetone.com/stainremoval-chart. Or, check out YouTube.com/carpetonefh.

    If you’ve been wanting to update your floors, counter tops or window coverings, now is the time.

    Take advantage of our 36 month payment plan—no interest for 36 months. Talk to any of the sales consultants at McLarens Carpet One for details.

    McLarens Carpet One

    24403 South Highway 99E, Canby, OR 97013

    (844) 730-2916


    Brought to you by Robert Neilson, ND - Canby Clinic - PRIMARY CARE INSIDER -

    CANBY CLINIC - Robert Neilson, NDWith summer nearly upon us, here are a few tips to help prevent skin changes during sun exposure. Between the hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the sun’s effects on skin are strongest, so limit your exposure and cover up. The guideline with sunscreen is, if you don’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin (I’m serious here). Skin is porous and absorbs what you put on it. I recommend mineral-based sunscreens, such as Jason’s or Alba, which are formulated with zinc or titanium oxide, preventing you from absorbing unnecessary chemicals found in common sunscreens.

    Additionally, one of the very best ways to prevent skin cancer is by eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, ideally eight to 10 servings daily. Green tea and omega-3 fatty acids also are preventative in developing skin cancer.

    If you have noticed a mole that you are concerned about, first go through the ABCs to see if you are at risk for skin cancer. If you answer yes to any of these questions, have your physician examine the suspicious moles.

    A: Asymmetric - is the mole irregular or not symmetrical in shape?

    B: Borders - are the borders of the mole difficult to define?

    C: Color - are there multiple different colors or shades within the mole?

    D: Diameter - is the mole larger than 6 millimeters?

    E: Evolving - is the mole changing or evolving quickly?

    So whether you are seeking advice for prevention of sun exposure, or want a thorough skin check for cancer risk, the physicians at Canby Clinic are ready to help you with your skincare needs. Please schedule an appointment for an individualized assessment; you can call us at (503) 266-7443 or visit us at 452 NW 1st Avenue in Canby.

    Canby Clinic

    452 NW 1st Ave, Canby, OR 97013

    (503) 266-7443


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    SUBMITTED PHOTO - Tom Grant (pictured) is one of the performers slated to hit the stage during Aurora Colony Vineyard's 2016 Jazz Festival Aug. 14.
    July 27, 2016

    All that (Aurora) Jazz

    by Pamplin Media Group
    Aurora Colony Vineyards 2016 jazz festival ready to crank out the tunes. Aurora Colony Vineyards will hold Jazz Festival 2016 on Saturday, Aug. 14. Gates open at noon and the music gets started…
    DANIEL PEARSON - Canby School District announces registration dates and times.
    July 27, 2016

    Canby High School has set 2016-17 registration times for August

    by Pamplin Media Group
    Canby High School has announced registration times for the 2016-17 school year. Seniors are on Aug. 10 from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. Juniors are on Aug. 10 from 10 a.m. to noon. Sophomores will be Aug.…
    SUBMITTED PHOTO - How to keep items, such as homemade salsa, safe for the long-term is just one of the many bits of advice people can get from OSU food preservation hotline that is up and running.
    July 27, 2016

    Preserve this!

    by Pamplin Media Group
    Oregon State's food preservation and safety hotline offers tips to keep food, and you, safe this fall Oregon State University’s food preservation and safety hotline has opened for the season.…

    July 27, 2016

    Cricket, Salvation Army having school supply drive

    by Pamplin Media Group
    Cricket Wireless and The Salvation Army invite the Canby community to be part of “Stuff the Pack,” a school supply drive to help provide kids in Canby with the tools they need to be successful…
    July 27, 2016

    Canby Telcom sets iPhone training class

    by Pamplin Media Group
    Canby Telcom will hold a free iPhone class on Thursday, July 28, at its training building. Classes will be from 3 to 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 to 8 p.m. A Canby Telcom technical expert will guide…
    July 27, 2016

    Canby Farmers Market will run into October

    by Pamplin Media Group
    The Canby Farmers Market will kick off its 2016 season, running April 30 to Oct. 8, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. each Saturday. The market is located at Highway 99E and Sequoia Parkway and offers…
    July 27, 2016

    Depot museum has new book on Canby

    by Pamplin Media Group
    The Canby Depot Museum now has copies of a new book, “Canby” by Rebecca Harrison and Daniel Cowan, available. Cost is $21.99 each. To order check the website at www.arcadiapublishing.com. This…
    July 27, 2016

    Canby Cares event slated for New Life Foursquare

    by Pamplin Media Group
    New Life Foursquare Church will hold a Canby Cares event Saturday, Sept. 10, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the church. The event, in partnership with local churches and organizations, will feature a…
    July 27, 2016

    Second Junk Refunk street market gathering steam

    by Pamplin Media Group
    Junk Refunk will return to Canby on Saturday, Aug. 20, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the downtown area. Approximately 120 vendors will be on hand with a wide array of recycled items for home and…
    July 27, 2016

    Aurora Unit 110 plans annual pancake breakfast

    by Pamplin Media Group
    Aurora Unit 110, American Legion Auxiliary will have its all you can eat pancake breakfast Saturday, Aug. 13, from 7 to 11 a.m. at the American Legion hall. Breakfast includes coffee, juice,…

    Don't miss the local news

    Jul 27, 2016

    Canby Community Theatre plans summer musical

    by Pamplin Media Group
    This year’s production of Canby Community Theatre’s 22nd annual summer musical, “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” will run July 29-30 and Aug. 4-6 at the Richard R. Brown Fine Arts Center. The cast…
    Jul 27, 2016

    Dental implant open house set for Perman

    by Pamplin Media Group
    Perman Family & Cosmetic Dentistry will hold a free dental implant information night on Wednesday, July 27. Registration begins at 6:15 p.m. and the presentation runs from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. For…
    Jul 27, 2016

    Extension center tours are ongoing

    by Pamplin Media Group
    The North Willamette Research and Extension Center (NWREC) near Aurora is offering tours of their experimental farm. The tours are the last Friday of each month through October and run from 2 to…
    Jul 27, 2016

    Smyrna UCC getting set for July art night

    by Pamplin Media Group
    Smyrna UCC will hold an Intergenerational Art Night on Wednesday, July 27, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the church, 31119 S. Highway 170. The evening will be lead by Heather Anderson, a school art…
    Jul 27, 2016

    Artist's works won't be on display much longer

    by Pamplin Media Group
    The oils and pastels work of native Oregonian Michael Kirshner are on display at the Canby Public Library. The library is showing 19 of Kirshner’s work through July. Kirshner has lived most of…
    Jul 27, 2016

    Seeking talent

    by Pamplin Media Group
    Canby Arts Association is holding auditions for performers for its Garden of the Arts Festival in September The Canby Arts Association will hold open auditions for performers of any age and all…
    PARIS ACHEN - Bud Pierce appears alone Friday, July 22, 2016, at the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association gubernatorial debate in Silverton. Gov. Kate Brown declined to participate in any debates until September.
    Jul 23, 2016

    Pierce relying on GOP donors to fund gubernatorial campaign

    by Paris Achen/Capital Bureau
    Salem oncologist contributed nearly $1.4 million to his own campaign for governor SILVERTON — GOP gubernatorial nominee Bud Pierce said Friday that he is unlikely to invest any more of his own…
    TRIBUNE PHOTO: KEVIN HARDEN - Portland's average home prices have shot up to more than $400,000, according to new RMLS figures.
    Jul 23, 2016

    Average Portland home price hits record $412,000

    by Jim Redden
    The average sales price of a home in the Portland region hit a new record high of $412,000 in June, up 2.4 percent from the previous month and 11.5 percent from a year ago. The jump happened…
    FILE PHOTO - The deposit Oregonians will receive from returning used bottles and cans is going up to 10 cents per container starting in April, 2017 the OLCC announced this week.
    Jul 22, 2016

    Oregon bottle deposit to rise to 10 cents starting Spring 2017

    by Geoff Pursinger
    The refund Oregonians will get from returning used soda cans and water bottles is about to go up. This week the Oregon Liquor Control Commission announced that it was doubling the redemption…
    SUBMITTED PHOTO - Pianist Michael Allen Harrison is the new owner of the Canby Pioneer Chapel & Concert Hall and plans to make it a key cog in his musical journey.
    Jul 20, 2016

    Imagining a musical and creative destination in Canby

    by John Baker
    That's the hope of renowned pianist Michael Allen Harrison who has purchased the Canby Pioneer Chapel Things just got a lot more interesting with the music scene in Canby. Renowned pianist…