I agree with the editorial board that Intel’s contributions to our community go far beyond emissions. As a homeowner near the Intel Ronler Acre campus in Hillsboro for 14 years, I can say, for the most part, Intel is a good neighbor. Yet I am disappointed that the assessment of Intel was not more balanced. Intel has its flaws, some potentially more serious than others.

In the early years of the last decade, Intel kept our community in the loop and sought feedback about its activities. There was give and take and mutual trust. Yet, we have had opportunities to feel otherwise recently.

First, our neighborhood learned very late in the process about Intel’s plans to construct the Ronler Acre south side parking garage. In fact, public awareness of the parking garage construction was so late in coming that the city of Hillsboro granted an extension for public comment. Second, when completing the “round-about” construction at 65th and Butler avenues, Intel-sponsored crews, without notification of the homeowner association, removed several precious trees and disrupted the sprinkler system. Third, Intel failed to include fluoride emissions from the Ronler Acre campus on its application to the Department of Environmental Quality.

We have wondered for years what comprises “Intel Snow” that we see time to time during the winter months. Perhaps we should do more than wonder.

Quite honestly, we felt betrayed when we learned of the so-called omission of fluoride emissions. It appears that Intel’s philosophy is to ask for forgiveness but not necessarily for permission. We know that Intel is the master of performance when it comes to research, development, product quality, efficiency, strategic planning, competition and public service. Yet, the Intel we see now is not communicating proactively and not transparent in its actions. Is there a reason?

I encourage all advocates of Intel to recognize not only its strengths but

also its weaknesses. Intel is good for the community, but it also can potentially cause harm.

David A. Nardone is a Hillsboro resident.

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