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Police beef up drunk-driving enforcement


Extra patrols focus efforts on getting impaired drivers off the road

The Beaverton Police Department is cracking down on drunk and intoxicated drivers.

Beaverton officers have been performing enhanced DUII patrols since Aug. 16, as part of a national traffic safety campaign with a focus on the days leading up to the Labor Day weekend. These enhanced DUII patrols will continue through Monday.

To date, Beaverton’s law enforcement team has arrested 15 individuals for driving under the influence of intoxicants, said Officer Mike Rowe, Beaverton police spokesman. Two of them were under the influence of a controlled substance, 12 were drunk and one was charged with felony DUII.

“These are 15 individuals who could have been involved in a collision and killed themselves or someone else,” Rowe said. “They were stopped, and because of this, a tragedy was prevented, and they will be given the opportunity to change their behavior.”

Now through Labor Day, local officers will perform focused patrols for impaired drivers.

“The goal of this campaign is to save lives and educate the motoring public,” Rowe said. “Drunk driving, impaired driving or buzzed driving all have the potential to claim lives and often will result in jail time.

“The men and women of the Beaverton Police Department ask you to please think about this before you operate a motor vehicle after drinking alcohol.”

He warned that it is also important to read the labels on any prescription medication taken, before consuming any alcoholic beverage. “Drinking alcohol while on some prescription medications can increase your inability to safely operate a motor vehicle, and this could lead to serious injury or death,” Rowe said. “Impaired driving is not an accident; it is an intentional and willing act that you have control over.”